I-9 Explain the 6+1 writing traits.

The 6+1 Writing Traits are qualities that develop strong writing skills. These traits are:

Ideas – The idea is the main message, content, and theme and also contains the supporting details that develop the theme. The writer chooses details that the reader might not expect and the writer will “show” the reader things that are normally overlooked. Organization – This is the structure of the writing. The organization provides the reader with a sense of anticipation that in the end is fulfilled but in a systematic way. The different ideas in the piece correspond well together. The end will bring closure and the reader but the reader will still have something to think about. Voice – Voice is the method of the writer coming though the word. One can hear the writer speaking to us. It is the expression that comes through when the story is read. Word Choice – Word choice will use specific language and communicates with imagination and sensory when reading. It is the ability to use everyday words and to get the reader to a new idea or vision. Sentence Fluency – It provides a flow of the language or a rhythm of the language. It is in the patterns and how it sounds. There is no awkward patterns and allows the piece to be read with ease. Conventions – Included in this are spelling, capitalization, punctuation, paragraphing and grammar/usage. This is the only section that needs to be based on grade level to include skills that have been taught. The trait that is the +1 is probably the most important. If the book does not visually appeal to the reader, there is a strong chance that he/she will not even pick up the book. Presentation – Important parts to this section are the textual and visual elements. This would include things such as text, graphics, font, borders, neatness and just an overall neatness in the appearance. If everything is in place, the presentation of the item is ready and can be published.

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