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Product Name:
Rudy’s Barbecue Sauce

Big Plan:
Rudy’s Barbecue Sauce is a well known sauce in parts of Texas, but I feel that they could advertise better with a label that symbolizes where they are from. Their previous label is plain and simple white background with black handwritten font lettering. I feel that with a label that shows that this barbecue sauce is a Texas true and original they will be able to get more people wanting to buy and discover for themselves what true Texas barbecue sauce tastes like. To do this I am going to redesign the label with a proper Texas feel that people will be able to recognize and love.

In the small town of Leon Springs in 1800’s there was built a one-stop gas station, garage, and grocery store by Rudolph Aue. In 1989, Rudy’s “Country Store” was added to the operation, which has been serving the best and tastiest Bar-B-Q ever since.

Target Audience:
People that love to Barbecue or love the taste of barbecue sauce; I am going to focus on the audience in Texas.


Headings: Hobo St When used for main page heading, font size 40-45 is acceptable When used for smaller heading, font size 15-16 is acceptable Body Copy: Minion Pro When used for paragraphs, font size 1012 is acceptable Weight can be changed to bring emphasis to the font

Color Scheme
Country Red RGB: 168-16-2 CMYK: 22-100-100-18 Hex: a81002 Pantone: 7626 C Saddle Brown RGB: 162-77-1 CMYK: 26-76-100-19 Hex: 5e3401 Pantone: 1535 C Wood Brown RGB: 94-52-1 CMYK: 42-71-100-51 Hex: a24d01 Pantone: 732 C Country Yellow RGB: 236-180-35 CMYK: 8-30-99-0 Hex: ecb423 Pantone: 143 C SunFlower Yellow RGB: 255-222-23 CMYK: 2-9-97-0 Hex: ffde17 Pantone: 107 C Black RGB: 35-31-32 CMYK: 70-68-64-74 Hex: 231f20 Pantone: Hexachrome Black C Country White RGB: 255-255-255 CMYK: 0-0-0-0 Hex: ffffff Pantone: 663 C

Style Guide

Original Logo
As you can see the font was a simple script lettering with a black outline.

Style Guide

Redesigned Color Logo
I used a burn wood look to make the logo have a Texas Barbecue feel. The logo will be about an inch to about 3 inches in lenght on all Rudy’s products. The logo will have a space of a half inch to an inch from all edges or other fonts on the product label.

Gray scale Logo
The logo can be used on other forms of store publications, but not on any of the product labels.


Label Redesign




Magazine Ad

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