acute Myocardial Infarction also known as a heart attack, coronary occlusion, or simply a “coronary” - life- threatening condition characterized

by the formation of localized necrotic areas within the myocardium ETIOLOGY and risk factors  Common cause: complete or nearly complete occlusion of a coronary artery  Two factors:  Internal factors  Plaque characteristics, such as the size, consistency of the lipid core, etc.  External factors  Actions of the client and other external conditions Clinical manifestation  Chest pain- radiate to the neck, shoulder, back or left arm  Atypical chest, stomach, back or abdominal pain  Nausea and dizziness  Shortness of breath and DOB  Unexplained anxiety, weakness, fatigue  Palpitations, fatigue or paleness Immediate treatment  Call emergency medical system as possible  Aspirin at the inset of manifestations  Elevate the client’s head and loosen any tight clothing around the neck  Oxygen  IV line started  Connected to a heart monitor  Defibrillation or CPR

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