Grammar With Humor 10

The Present Perfect Continuous Complete the jokes with one of the following phrases: ride a bike all its life just won’t go away In my pocket not yet made it yet For 93 years lost your voice 1 Who’s been eating my porridge? said baby Bear. And who’s been eating my porridge? said Daddy Bear. Don’t get excite, said Mother Bear. I haven’t ……….. 2 Paul, have you been fighting again? You’ve lost your two front teeth. No, I haven’t, Mum. They’re…… 3 A salesman was speaking to a crowd. “Ladies and gentlemen. In this bottle I have the answer to old age. Drink this every day and you will never get old. You only have to look at me to see how good it is. I’m over 250 years old.” An old woman went up to the salesman’s young assistant and said, “Is it true? Is it really that age?” I don’t know, she replied. I’ve only been helping him …… 4 Your dog’s been chasing a man on a bicycle. Don’t be silly. My dog can’t …….. 5 Have you been working here all your life? ………………………….! 6 A man was walking along a road kicking a tortoise. Why are you kicking this poor defenceless tortoise? asked a policeman. Because it’s been following me around all day and it ……… 7 Did you wash the fish before cooking it? No. Why not?

Well, what’s the point in washing the fish when it has been swimming around in water …………….? 8 I’ve been singing since I was two years old. No wonder you’ve ……………..

Answers 1 made it yet 3 for 93 years 2 in my pocket 4 ride a bike 5 not yet

6 just won’t go away 7 all its life Humor Pic 8 lost your voice

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