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The Grass is Greener:-Story

The Grass is Greener:-Story


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Published by L. Bailey
Two teenagers, each at different ends of the social ladder, find love in each other's company. Both come to find that their original opinions and generalisations aren't necessarily right. But, can they teach their friends the same lesson?

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Two teenagers, each at different ends of the social ladder, find love in each other's company. Both come to find that their original opinions and generalisations aren't necessarily right. But, can they teach their friends the same lesson?

Sample of full story.

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Published by: L. Bailey on Feb 02, 2009
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------01st January – New Year’s Day JACK Well, it’s the New Year and yet again I have no memory of the last. That’s why I’ve decided to start a diary. I know it sounds stupid, but it’s just so that, at the end of the year, I can look back and see just how crappy my life really is.... and if the next year will be worth living. My mum and dad were fighting again last night… I don’t know why they’ve been together for so long when all they do is argue. I think that they know it’s pathetic, staying with the same person for 15 years just ‘cos ya have a kid with ‘em. Dad spends most of his time down the strip club, wasting money he knows we don’t have. Mum’s always taking pills; she can’t fall asleep by herself, she can’t wake up by herself... Hell, she can’t do anything without medical help these days! …Not since Linda anyway. It still upsets me to think about her and how ever since she, well… Ever since that event, our lives changed so, so much. That’s why, ya know… That’s the reason I can’t ever remember anything. I’m too bloody busy forgetting all the bad memories, or living my parents’ lives for them. If it weren’t for my paper round, we’d basically have no income, all we got is benefits and that’s why the others hate “our kind”. I can’t blame the ‘rents, though… Mum, well she’s depressed, so she can’t actually work, but dad… he claims that he’s still grieving… Truth is he’s still pretty screwed in the head. Well, a suicide case is never easy for a parent, is it? It’s not easy for their family either… or their friends… Or for anyone they’ve ever talked to, really. Only thing to report so far, is that last night I tried to get some extra cash together, we really need it. I spent my New Year celebration freezin’ my ass off, going from door to door uptown – that’s where all the posh lot live. But, of course, none of them have time in their busy lives to give a little bit of spare change, do they?

Laurenna Wreiss

ELIZABETH That was a marvellous year! Yet again I have academically excelled and reached all the goals I had made for myself. For some I did even better than I’d previously hoped! I’ve been awarded with the title of prefect and I’m on the school committee again – I had tremendous amounts of fun being an active member of the student government, last year. I’ve submitted an idea for a new programme, which I hope will be put to practice within the next school term. It’s where an assortment of students teach public school kids, free of charge. The parents are worried that they aren’t mentally able to understand any subjects that we’d teach them, but I’m more worried about them being unwilling, after all, their parents obviously aren’t otherwise they wouldn’t be living from the governments’ handouts or thieving from decent, hard-working citizens, like Mother or Father. The celebration of the New Year was so delightful, as always a large selection of my relatives arrived at ours for the finest food and drink money could buy. Oh, and Mother allowed me to have some champagne, I was pleasantly surprised to find that she now trusts me to be a responsible young lady and consume alcoholic beverages within my limits. The only thing that ruined our gathering was when we were rudely interrupted, just past midnight. It was that little estate boy, James or Jack or something, I’m not entirely sure… To be honest, I don’t exactly care. I vaguely remember that my family used to be friends with his family, then something happened… and it seems as though they just, disappeared? Never mind though, it was practically a lifetime ago!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------14th February - Valentine’s Day ELIZABETH I haven’t the foggiest of ideas how this happened! I’m a respectable fifteen year old girl; I had absolutely no intention of anything like this happening… I’m ruined! How could it be? I refuse to accept it… I

Laurenna Wreiss

just refuse to believe that someone as, socially established as me, may possibly be in love with a boy, whose status is so low that his parents don’t even work. I’ve been tutoring Jack for a couple of weeks now, and I don’t know what it is but he just makes me feel so special; it might be the way he shortens my name to ‘Lizzy’ or that he just really cares about everyone around him, even though he tries to hide it... All my life I’ve thought about my grades and earning a decent living. I guess I’ve never really thought about how people connect beyond financial agreements. Oh no, Mother will be outraged… I can just see her now, locking me into my bedroom. “You know that people like us don’t mix with people like them!” She’s always separating people into categories due to the money they make or the car they drive. I do hate it when she does that. It’s her typical behaviour though. I suppose that she can’t control her feelings about others… just like I’m not going to be able to control my feelings for Jack. JACK It’s weird, ya know? It’s like someone’s put her inside my head so that I have to think about her all the time. It feels like I’ve finally come back to life after all those bad memories… I can kinda remember Lizzy… when we were younger. I can picture us playing in her garden and getting told off by her parents ‘cos we ruined the flower beds. She’s so smart and funny and totally different to all the chicks at school! She’s just awesome… and amazing… and anything else beginning with the letter a – that’s her favourite letter, I forget why, but it is! Sometimes I wonder if she’s too smart for me… Like, earlier, she made a joke about pies and, erm, 3 point something or other. I didn’t understand what it was but she laughed, which made me smile. I’ve tried to tell mum about her but she was out of it again… Dad never came home last night… I hate it when he does that. He knows I worry about him. It doesn’t matter too much, though. This time, not even dad can put a downer on my mood. This time, no one can.


Laurenna Wreiss

22nd July – First day of Summer Break ELIZABETH I’ve been officially dating Jack for a whole month now and I’m happier than ever before! We finally decided to tell our parents last night and mine seemed the least happy about our relationship… Mother has always been anxious whenever I show compassion for something other than my school work. However, she does try to disguise it and for that, I am grateful. I now see Jack on a regular basis, almost every single day. Sometimes he cannot visit me, due to his family. He’s so brave… Everyday he fights to keep himself from being put into care. He does everything for his parents, but never seems to get a break. I do hope that some day, he finally gets everything he deserves. Who knows… maybe I could guide it towards him?

JACK I just don’t know what to do anymore…I mean, if they don’t like me, what can I do? Lizzy’s dad is the worse, whenever she’s not there, he’s always bloody questioning me! “What do you plan to do with your life, young man?” I so desperately wanna reply “What’s it to ya, old man!?!” I’d love to just hit him, right on the chin… I know I shouldn’t be thinking about how bad her mum and dad are… If I’m honest, my parents are definitely worse, I mean, at least Lizzy’s care about her. Mine never give a second thought to anything I say anymore. A couple years ago, I would’ve loved that, but now I hate it… I hate them.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------02nd September – Last day of Summer Break JACK

Laurenna Wreiss

I’ve spent so much time with Lizzy that my feelings for her are even stronger than before! Over the Summer Holidays I did loads of work that I didn’t even have to do. Whenever I do it with her, I feel like I know all the answers – first time, without even having to guess! I had Lizzy sleep over on her birthday. She didn’t tell her ‘rents it was my house and my pa… well, you know the story by now, either unable to move or missing for ages… Lizzy said that her dad started talking about WW2 and how it suited our relationship… Neither of us understood the metaphor, I’m not very likely to work it out on my own, she might though, she’s great like that.

ELIZABETH I never realised how unsatisfied with my life I really was. I never really lived until now. No one thinks it’s going to work out though. Apparently, there’s ‘so many reasons’ it cannot be. I’m finally sixteen, I’m an upper-class, high achiever and yet, I have a strong inexplicable connection with a fifteen year old boy, who is the sticky tape to his family. I guess that’s the reason my dad thinks we’re just reliving World War II, on a much smaller scale of course. Apparently, it’s to do with the most famous gang in the world; The Nazis…? I’m beginning to understand that back when my parents were adolescents, the social status was everything! In fact, it was so important that they were basically gangs, constantly indulging in violent behaviour, just to establish which was better… I hope he doesn’t assume that Jack and I dating will result in a formation of those groups again…… Actually, the more I think about it, the more I realise that all those prejudges are still among us today. It’s stupid I know, but it might be true. The Private school students versus the Public school students in a huge brawl. Oh no, Jack and I will be caught right in the middle of it all!

Laurenna Wreiss

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