Department of Engineering HNC Computer Aided Draughting and Design Unit Title: Graded Unit 2 Unit No: F328 35 Candidate’s

Name: Liam McCann Project Title: Miniature Steam Traction Engine

Project Objectives

1. The design must be able to achieve a speed of at least 20mph. 2. The design must be able to carry enough fuel for continuous operation for at least one hour. 3. The design must be able to be kept in steam for a period of 15 days with a 9 day period of wash outs in between periods of operation.
4. The design must be able to travel on standard and narrow

gauge rails. 5. The design must be able to maintain good contact between the rails and running gear at all times. 6. The design must have good rail tracking to prevent derailment of the product. 7. The design must be able to maintain good airflow to the firebox, flues, smoke box and smokestack throughout its different operating speeds. 8. The design must have safety devices installed to forewarn the operator if anything untoward is happening within the firebox or boiler. 9. All safety devices must be clearly labelled and positioned within the operator’s eyesight and reach.
10. The firebox must have at least one fusible to prevent firebox

overheating and a catastrophic boiler explosion. 11. The design should ape the appearance of earlier steam engines to create a more visually appealing product.

12. The design should not use any hazardous materials in its construction unless they can be safely recycled. 13. The design should have facilities installed that allow access to the firebox, flues, boiler and smoke box to allow inspection, maintenance and cleaning to take place easily. 14. The design should be as environmentally friendly as possible, with either more complete combustion taking place in the firebox or a pollutant removal process taking place in the smoke box if possible. 15. Produce detailed 2D, 3D and 3D animations of the finished design. Concept sketches will also be drawn.



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