Timeline of Events in Cold Spring Officer’s Fatal Shooting

Thursday, November 29 :
       9:00 p.m.-Call to the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office from Ryan Larson’s family he was suicidal Cold Spring Officers respond a short time later to Larson’s apartment above Winner’s Bar and found nothing 10:45 p.m.- Officer Tom Decker and his partner returned to Larson’s apartment, Decker gets out of his cruiser and was confronted by an armed individual and was shot twice and died Officer Tom Decker was found with a gunshot wound to the head by his partner Around midnight a Special Response Team (SRT) arrested Ryan Larson in his apartment and booked him for the incident The BCA processes the crime scene, conducts interviews Search of river for the murder weapon

Friday, November 30th:
 3 p.m. The crime scene was cleared and the road was reopened, still not weapons or witnesses

Saturday, December 1 :
 Stearns County Sheriff’s office asks public to be on the look out for the gun (20 gauge shotgun)


Monday, December 3 :
  12 p.m. The was deadline to file charges against Larson The Stearns County Sheriff’s Office asks for extension to hold Larson and was granted it


Tuesday, December 4th:
   11:50 a.m. Larson was released without charges filed against him, the investigation continues There are still no witnesses or a weapon found at this point 4:00 p.m. Visitation held for Decker in Cold Spring

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