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The British Royals The Highs & Lows Of Wills Harry And Kate..A Must Read

The British Royals The Highs & Lows Of Wills Harry And Kate..A Must Read

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Published by Dale G. Thomson
A Look at the Royal Family from a well know historian and expert of the British Royal Family
A Look at the Royal Family from a well know historian and expert of the British Royal Family

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Published by: Dale G. Thomson on Dec 05, 2012
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The British Royals..

Highs And Lows Of Wills, Harry And Kate A Must Read

Preface / Introduction
Well, it is finally official. Wills the Prince of Whales and his lovely bride Kate have competed one of their many tasks. That is to produce an hier to the throne of England. Something that must have been on the mind of every Brit. Dr. Jeffrey Lant a recognized expert and historian of the British Royals has released several articles covering the highs and lows of the British Royal Family. My hope is that you find the following e-book as enjoyable as I have. So sit back with your favorite beverage and enjoy! Dale G. Thomson http://www.homebizgroup5000.com

Table of Contents
1. Thoughts on the Royal Wedding of Prince William and his beautiful commoner Kate Middleton 2. 'Just reach out and touch me.' Prince Harry, Her Majesty, and the undeniable urge to flaunt it if you've got it. Some thoughts.

The British Royals..Highs And Lows Of Wills, Harry And Kate A Must Read

Thoughts on the Royal Wedding of Prince William and his beautiful commoner Kate Middleton
by Dr. Jeffrey Lant After 8 years of dating, canoodling, breaking up, making up, breaking up the on-again-off-again relationship of Prince William of Wales and long tressed Kate is officially on. The airwaves of the planet dutiful report the expected congratulations. Her Majesty and Prince Philip are "absolutely delighted for them both". Prince Charles is "thrilled". And no doubt they are, for it's time for the next generation of royals to get on with their important work. There is much to do. Amongst the royals monarchy is referred to as "the firm"; they say they "live above the shop." Exactly so. It's time for the next proprietor and his spouse to start doing what they're supposed to do: bring Britain together. help the tribe of those battening on the monarchy sell their trinkets and reap their profits. provide us promptly with an equally photogenic man child ... and then promptly, another. "The heir... and the spare." And above all else do what's necessary for an endless stream of gossip, titillation and, best of all, scandal. Yes, this handsome couple has much to do... and has already begun to do it. Hidden Winners and Losers The game of monarchy is a game of musical chairs, or more accurately, chair. For there is just one chair, the throne of England; one's place in the pecking order is determined by one's relationship to this throne. As all perspicacious royal watchers have known for years, the fate of a thousand year old institution was planted squarely at the feet of just one person, Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales. He was, almost from the moment of conception, the white hope of a family which had lost its glamour, its allure... and it's way. Father Prince Charles... a not so gay divorcee with the tendency for odd, awkward remarks and organic vegetables. His cynical marriage to a woman he didn't love whilst carrying on with the woman he did set the stage for the long, painful , glaringly public fall from grace. Uncle Prince Andrew of York, a once beguiling, handsome tease of a younger brother who married a trollop and lived to pay the price, now disillusioned and fat to boot. Aunt Princess Ann, Princess Royal who chose the handsomest man on the block to marry... only to discover, in the divorce courts, that a marriage needs more than a shared interest in making quadrupeds jump a fence. This supremely privileged crew despite every advantage managed to accrue between them not one notable achievement, although they have (it's true) kept the scurrilous tabloids of England over busy with talk of their high and (abysmally) low jinks. These shop worn royals, their sometime lovers and spouses, have all had their day. Now they will all be regally pushed off the stage by the handsomest couple on earth. That is Job 1, and that couple is at it now. http://www.HomeBizGroup5000.com Copyright Dale Thomson - 2012 4 of 9

The British Royals..Highs And Lows Of Wills, Harry And Kate A Must Read Managing the Ghost In the best tradition of royal tales, there is a ghost at this feast, an insistent ghost, the groom's turbulent mother, Princess Diana. Now her unsettled spirit can be well and truly laid to rest, with love and honor, her sons will see to it. Diana alive was a nightmare for the Windsors. What would she do? What inappropriate man would gain her heart... then sell it to the tabloids in the shabbiest most cynical way? They cringed daily wondering when the other slipper would drop for this out-of-control Cinderella. Her death, of course, too soon, was tragic. But it was also a huge relief. Now they can safety lay this ghost to honored rest. This healing process began when Wills gave and Kate displayed Diana's engagement ring on her finger. Royal hustlers What do royals do? They put a regal face on the real business of Britain: selling. Britain grants these folks an anachronistic lifestyle of unparalleled munificence; the catch is they must earn it by hustling things British. In Kate, they have found the perfect corporate wife. She is stunningly attractive, bright, educated, savvy, and (above all else) agreeable to being shaped into the winning marketer the dynasty requires. The cost for maintaining her in the style to which she'll soon be accustomed is frankly a pittance compared to the tangible financial benefits to be reaped. Her marriage alone will pump an extra billion or two into the fragile British economy. Well might the Cabinet shout "hear, hear" upon learning the news. The combination of Wills and Kate is a fantastic money machine that no mere president can ever rival. Intrusive questions we will soon have answered So far the questions the newly affianced royal couple have been asked have been polite, cordial, asking for little, eliciting less. But all this is about to change. Both Wills and Kate have a price on their heads, and this price (with the showing of the haunted engagement ring) has escalated radically. This is now the situation. This regal couple have friends, pals, classmates, acquaintances, servants and retainers, any one of whom might know the answers to questions the world is impatient to know: when how how often where in what way. These folks are only human. They have bills. They need money. And so, soon, the betrayals will begin, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, fueled by his persistent dynastic hatred and disdain, will see to that. These people even now, Judas-like, are mulling over their options: should they betray and prosper? Or let the opportunity of a lifetime pass them by. It's drama in the grand tradition. And it is sure to come. Thus, with the brilliant ring given, the opening phase of this deeply fascinating story begins. We shall not have to wait very long for the next chapter to develop, even so we are acutely impatient to have it.


Copyright Dale Thomson - 2012

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The British Royals..Highs And Lows Of Wills, Harry And Kate A Must Read

'Just reach out and touch me.' Prince Harry, Her Majesty, and the undeniable urge to flaunt it if you've got it. Some thoughts.
by Dr. Jeffrey Lant Author's program note. For thousands of years, since our ancestors in caves learned how to do what comes naturally, men have been ogling women. It was their God- given right and no one but a few do-gooders thought anything about it. It was the way the world was, and we males liked it that way. Then the sexual revolution of the 1960s took a remarkable twist. Women started, tentatively at first, to ogle men... and all of a sudden sexual equality meant exactly that. The fig leaf, so firmly in place for millennia, was now dropped forever and ou la la meant Billie and Bobbie, not just Heather and Marie. Thus the world jumped at the chance to see His Royal Highness Prince Harry of Wales in the altogether, up close and very personal. The facts. HRH's office reported this week that 27 year old Harry was bushed from his unrelenting labors at the London Olympics. We empathize. It is, after all, strenuous work handing out gold medals and saying just the perfect word of victory or consolation. He surely needed the holiday he took and all its perquisites. But where to go? For the funnest prince on Earth it had to be the funnest place on Earth, somewhere outside the empire where the sun still never sets and where grandmama was sovereign, somewhere where he could kiss and no one would tell. And so it came to him, "Viva Las Vegas", the magic place where whatever happens stays. The perfect place to parteeeeeeeeeeeee! Now, let's be clear about what goes on in the town universally called "Vegas". Gambling. Sex. Celine Dion. Sex. Over abundant dinner. Sex. Capische? Let's be clear about something else. Harry is a bona fide prince of the bluest blood but the likelihood of his ever reigning is miniscule. His father Prince Charles would have to be out of the picture and his brother Prince William, the new Duke of Cambridge. Moreover, the minute Prince William and his alluring wife Kate have a kid, Harry goes down another notch, oblivion his destiny. What's a boy to do in such circumstances? Rod Stewart, loyal subject of the dynasty, has the answer, and he delivered it in his 1978 pop smash "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?". He made the necessary moves as clear as a how-to book, listen, learn, do. "If you want my body and you think I'm sexy/Come on, sugar, let me know." And women did, slowly perhaps but undeniably, and a whole new genre of males was born. We called them boy toys. I was chagrined that I was old, far too old, to try on that persona and flaunt the little that was left. Call it caution. Call it common sense. Call it apprehension and fear. I demurred. But Prince Harry most assuredly did not. Thus, this junior prince of Wales started off with the obligatory game of strip pool, so popular, so prone to reckless betting of vestments. But then, who needs clothes, in Vegas of all places? Where was his security? Here is where every single alarm bell in the kingdom should have gone off and where Harry's security detail should have been johnny on the spot reminding him that stripping and flinging his glad rags on the floor was not, ahem, the best of all courses, sir. Such a warning may well have http://www.HomeBizGroup5000.com Copyright Dale Thomson - 2012 6 of 9

The British Royals..Highs And Lows Of Wills, Harry And Kate A Must Read caused HRH to pause and come to his senses, keeping his clothes on his body. Had he heeded the warning, the world would have had to somehow get through the day adrift, without Harry's buff body to titillate and amuse us. But those bells did not go off... and this is a matter not for mirth but for concern. Where were those agents when he needed them? This calls for investigation, explanation and disciplinary action. Another matter for concern: the totally revealing photos which are now so easily accessible online are grainy, unprofessional, unclear; they resemble photos taken secretly from a closet or undisclosed location. In other words, our feckless prince, all uncomprehending, went into a room of strangers, lost his clothes and thereby became a golden meal ticket to a shutterbug who saw his chance in the naked body of this scion of Windsor to garner a king's ransom fast. It was ignoble, deplorable, but do-able the way our clueless prince so carelessly operates. Second royal child syndrome. Harry's singular problems began with his birth. In the old saying, "the heir and the spare," he was "the spare". In this situation, well known to every royal family, the heir gets the good stuff, all the good stuff; crown, kingdom, the respect of a great nation and its empire, and the best seat in the house for every royal pageant. Against this mountain of goodies, what "the spare" gets looks petty, derisory, even unfair. Yet it is the royal way. As a result, second children, princes like Harry's uncle Andrew, Duke of York, Prince Charles' younger brother, and princesses like Margaret Rose, the Queen's late younger sister, get indulged to a degree... perhaps because their reigning parents feel sorry for them. In short, there is guilt and lots of it, for all that this is the royal way. And so these indulged younger children run rampant in a way no heir to the throne would ever be allowed to do. Even more guilt in Harry's case. Harry was just 12 when his adored mother Diana Princess of Wales died. A great nation wanted to reach out and give him comfort. This, in time, turned into near carte blanche, as if he were entitled to do whatever he liked because of the great tragedy that was his burden for life and haunting reality. And so the "indiscretions" piled up: How Harry was famously photographed wearing a Nazi uniform for a costume party. How he was photographed cupping the breast of a female TV presenter. How he uttered a racial slur while teasing a fellow army cadet from Pakistan. This prince more than most needed extra attention and as the events in Las Vegas show though he needed it, he didn't get it. Will what ensued hurt the dynasty? No way. For Harry was indulging himself in ways every English mate would understand, do whenever he could, and envy. It was a case of "that lucky dog" and a lascivious wink. But what of Her Majesty the Queen? Surely she had something to say on the matter? Not necessarily, for I suspect she realizes her own responsibility in the matter of her handsome, dashing, most humorous grandson, and likes him just the way he is. Any such call she might have made would have contained only the most mild slap on the wrist, thus: "Harry, really...." "Yes, Grandmama." "Try not to be so trusting." "Of course, Grandmama." "And assume there are always cameras present." "You're right, Grandmama". "And do keep your clothes on, dear Harry." "You have my word, Grandmama." And that, this time, was that. But of course both knew he couldn't keep it. Wanted: a good woman. The solution? A good woman, of course, pretty in the English rose way, and above all someone who http://www.HomeBizGroup5000.com Copyright Dale Thomson - 2012 7 of 9

The British Royals..Highs And Lows Of Wills, Harry And Kate A Must Read would understand and love him for himself. His elder brother, someday to be king, found such a beloved. With luck, and fewer trips to Las Vegas, Harry will find his, too. Until then, we must anticipate and expect more such indiscretions and misadventures splashed on the world's tabloids, giving us the opportunity to tsk tsk, disapprove, and, above all else, enjoy the discomfiture and witlessness of a prince of the blood royal whose ancestor was once our puissant lord and king. It pleases us to see how far the mighty have fallen and hope to see how further still they may yet fall.


Copyright Dale Thomson - 2012

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The British Royals..Highs And Lows Of Wills, Harry And Kate A Must Read

About The Author Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., where small and home-based businesses learn how to profit online. Dr. Lant is the author of 18 books and the book, 'Insubstantial Pageant: Ceremony and Confusion at Queen Victoria's Court' was the result of being the first American to gain access to the Royal Archives at Windsor Castle. Republished with author's permission by Dale Thomson http://HomeBizGroup5000.com.


Copyright Dale Thomson - 2012

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