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2012 End of Year Achievement Report

Including achievement against Pekerau School Expectations in Reading, Writing & Mathematics

Name: azlynn mcclunie



Other Achievements: Art Exhibition, Athletics Attendance: Poor Excellent Seldom Sometimes Good Usually Achieves Consistently

Works independently

Seldom Sometimes Usually Achieves Consistently

Is well organised and manages time effectively Accepts challenges Takes pride in completing tasks to the best of their ability Completes homework regularly to a high standard Listens and follows instructions Follows class and school rules


Works and plays well with others Accepts responsibility for own behaviour Has a positive attitude to learning Displays confidence Is courteous and respectful Demonstrates leadership qualities

Principal Comments: I have been very impressed with the progress that Azlynn has made this year. She is a hardworking and well behaved pupil who always shows respect and good manners. Thank you and well done Azlyn. J Cubitt Principal

Teachers Comments: Azlynn is a confident and caring individual who enjoys school. She is sociable which can sometimes distract her from her learning task but when reminded quickly refocuses on her tasks. Azlynn works hard though to complete the tasks on time. Azlynn has made very good progress in reading and writing. She accepts constructive feedback and will make changes accordingly. Azlynn enjoys taking on leadership roles and has begun to peer tutor some students. Azlynn has become confident in developing her website (Eportfolio) and has uploaded a huge range of her work to share her learning. I look forward to teaching Azlynn again next year. Teacher name: Ginny Mitchell

Teacher Signature:

Assessment Results: (from E portfolio) Azlynn has made very good progress in reading this year. Azlynn is reading above her chronological age. She is developing questioning skills to clarify ideas from the text. Next year we will continue to work on reading between the lines to gain more meaning from the text.

How You Can Help at Home: Encourage reading for enjoyment. Visit the library regularly. Read to your child and listen to them read.

Assessment Results: (from E portfolio)
Azlynn enjoys writing and has many ideas that she likes to share. Azlynn is learning to develop each idea separately into paragraphs using some descriptive language. Azlynn needs to continue to reread and check her ideas make sense. When viewing work from the beginning of the year to term 4 Azlynn has been able to show a great deal of growth in her writing and thinking. Keep working on spelling and use of richer language.

How You Can Help at Home:

Have writing equipment available for your child. Get your child to write about some special events or letters to relatives.

Assessment Results: (from E portfolio)
Azlynn is working at her expected level in Maths. She lacks some confidence when calculating basic facts and sometimes reverts back to using her fingers rather than using other strategies she knows. Keep working on rapid recall of basic facts and times tables.

How You Can Help at Home: Take your child shopping and get them to add up what things will cost. Play maths games in the car. Practise Times tables with them.

Effort/Attitude Key: Consistently applies him/herself = 4 Usually applies him/herself = 3 him/herself = 2 Seldom applies him/herself = 1

Sometimes applies