Majestic Monsters December 6, 2012

Ocean Pollution: The Basics
 Pollution on beaches and near coastal cities is most

common  Ocean dumping is occurring in the middle of the ocean between ports  Main ocean contaminant is oil  Oil spill effects on the environment are devastating

Ocean Pollution: Effect on Animals

Ocean Pollution: Plant Life
 Bacteria and fungi  Decrease in acidified water  Lower pH level  Detergents  High in phosphate, kills chlorophyll  Plants absorb nutrients…  And pollutants  Oil spills  Cover the whole plant  Retard breeding  Ecosystem imbalance=No

ocean life

Ocean Pollution: Pollution in Fishing
 “Radioactive waste from industrial pollution and military

waste can cause genetic defects in fish.”

Ocean Pollution: Human Health and Fish
 “Seafood is a major food staple and

protein source.”  “Per capita consumption of seafood is increasing around the globe.”  “We ingest harmful chemicals via toxin-laden seafood, including mercury and PCBs.”

Ocean Pollution: Solutions at Home
 Use reusable bags
 Recycle  Reusable bottles  Nalgenes

Ocean Pollution: Oil Spills
 Accidents
 Minimize this type of pollution  Requires human removal

Ocean Pollution: More Solutions
 Reduce toxins in waterways to ensure fish and shellfish

are free of pollution and safe to eat  Make a clean ocean zone  Pick up trash on the beach

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