Chabad of Oceanside

Hempstead, NY

Congregati on Sons of Israel

Woodmere, NY

Chabad of Manhattan Beach

Brooklyn, NY

Chabad of Sheepshea d Bay

Brooklyn, NY

Congregati on Ohav Shalom Congregati on Shaarey Torah (The Shtieble)

Merrick, NY

Brooklyn, NY

Damages: Playground blown away, roof damage from wind, air conditioning and heating units, books, Judaica artifacts, minor flooding Damages: minimal water damage, a large window broken Damages: books, prayer shawls, walls, torah mantles, refrigerator, tables, chairs Damages: Six feet of flooding, near total destruction of their basement shul Damages: Heating system, trees down 917-3120951

Estimated cost: $500,000

Built: 1970s (Chabad didn’t move in though until 2011)

Estimated cost: not known yet

Built: 1927

Estimated cost: $100,000

Built: 2009

Estimated cost: $70,000 to 80,000

Built: Renovations in 2002

Estimated cost: $3,250 Damages: 10 feet of water in the basement, damaged kitchen, dining room, Kiddush room, boilers, heater.

Built: 1968

Estimated cost: $100,000

Built: 1965

Lincoln Park Jewish Center

Yonkers, NY

Temple Israel of South Merrick Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe of Brighton Beach Synagogue Temple Avodah, Oceanside Howard Beach Judea Center

Merrick, NY

Brooklyn, NY

Hempstead, NY

Queens, NY



Damages: Roof peeled off and flew away, extreme water damage, furniture, nursery school and daycare classrooms, torahs, walls. Damages: Five feet of flooding in the Hebrew school Damages: Six damaged torahs, 3 likely destroyed, hundreds of books Damages: minor roof leaking, fallen trees, landscaping Damages: Three feet of flooding, 300 chairs, 12 banquet tables, hundreds of prayer books, hot water heater, commercial oven, refrigerator, backyard playset, toys for preschool, walls and floor replacemen t. Damages:

Estimated cost: $300,000 to $500,000

Built: 1950s

Estimated cost: $100,000 Cost: $150,000+

Built: circa 1970

Built: n/a

Estimated cost: $20,000+ Estimated cost: $100,000

Built: circa 1950s

Built: circa 1937


Built: 1928

Center of Brighton Beach


South Baldwin Jewish Center

Baldwin, NY

Temple Israel of Long Beach

Long Beach, NY

Congregati on Toras Emes Sephardic Congregati on of Long Beach

Staten Island, NY Long Beach, NY

Boiler room, electrical system, elevator, Beit Medrash room, classrooms, damaged walls, up to six feet of flooding Damages: flooding, flooring, pews, carpeting, boilers, computers, records Damages: Ten feet of flooding, destruction of libraries, kitchen area, torahs, pews, boiler rooms, classrooms, ceilings Damages: Ceilings, siding Damages: children’s room, bathrooms, boilers, water heaters, four feet of flooding Damages: Four feet of flooding, destruction of prayer books, torahs, pews, kitchen area, chairs,

cost: $200,000

Estimated cost: $30,000 to 140,000

Built: circa 1962

Estimated cost: $5,000,000

Built: 1923

Estimated cost: Less than $10,000 Estimated cost: $70,000

Built: circa 1982 Built: 1953

West End Temple

Queens, NY

Estimated cost: $1,000,000 +

Built: 1954

Young Israel of Oceanside

Hempstead, NY

Young Israel of Brighton Beach

Brooklyn, NY

Temple Emanu-El of Long Beach

Long Beach, NY

Temple Israel of Lawrence Temple Beth Abraham Village Temple Beth El in Belle

Lawrence, NY

tables, and outdoor area Damages: Three torahs, basement flooding, main floor flooding, carpets, electrical wiring, tables, chairs, 1,000 books and a mikvah Damages: Classrooms, electric room, boiler room, super’s apartment, lunchroom and more than six feet of water in the basement Damages: Flooding, roof leaks, floors, carpets, walls, pews, tables, electrical equipment Damages: lost tiles on roof, trees fell. Damages: Flooding to first floor and basement Damages: minor roof damage Damages: Six to seven

Estimated cost: $200,000400,000

Built: n/a

Estimated cost: $200,000

Built: 1945

Estimated cost: n/a

Built: circa 1952

Brooklyn, NY

Estimated cost: $1,000 for tree removal; $1,500 total Estimated cost: n/a

Built: 1930

Built: circa 1967

New York, NY Rockaway Park, NY

Estimated cost: n/a Estimated cost:

Built: circa 1952 Built: circa 1922


Stanton Street Synagogue

New York, NY

feet of flooding, ballroom area completely damaged, two torahs, electric equipment, boiler, large air conditioning units Damages: severe water damage


United Synagogue of Hoboken

Hoboken, NJ

White Meadow Temple Congregati on Beth Torah Congregati on Anshe Chesed Jewish Communit y Center of LBI

Rockaway, NJ Florham Park, NJ Linden, NJ

Damages: Seven feet of flooding, boiler, hot water heater, electric subpanel, elevator shafts Damages: roof Estimated cost: roof Damages: roof, gym ceiling, floors Damages: electrical damage, leaks from roof, alarm system

Estimated cost: $30,000; already had existing damages of $200,000 Estimated cost: $50,000

Built: 1913

Built: 1915

Estimated cost: $20,000 Cost: $15,000 Estimated cost: $10,000 for roof Estimated cost: n/a

Built: 1964 Built: n/a Built: 1956

Long Beach Island, NJ

Built: Major renovations in 2011

*Below is a list of other synagogues in the New York area that were reportedly damaged during the storm, provided by federations and other local organizations. A number of these synagogues were contacted but could not provide detailed information at the time. The Forward reached out to a total of 87 synagogues in all, some of which

did not report any damage.* Agudath Israel of Bayswater, Far Rockaway Agudath Israel of the 5 Towns, Woodmere Agudath Israel of West Lawrence, Far Rockaway Atlantic Beach Jewish Center, Atlantic Beach Bach Jewish Center - Long Beach (Congregation Bachurei Chemed), Long Beach Bais Yisroel Maimonedes, Bayswater Belle Harbor Torah Institute, Rockaway Park Bellmore Jewish Center, Bellmore Chabad by the Ocean - Serving Sea Gate & Coney Island, Brooklyn Chabad Neshama Center, Brooklyn Chabad of Cedarhurst: Five Towns, Cedarhurst Chabad of Kingsborough , Brooklyn Chabad of Port Washington, Port Washington Congregation Khal Yeraim of Seagate, Brooklyn Congregation Ahavas Yisrael, Cedarhurst Congregation Avodas Yisroel, Brooklyn Congregation Bais Ephraim Yitzchok, Woodmere Congregation Beth El in Massapequa, Massapequa Congregation Beth Israel, Hempstead Congregation Beth Sholom, Lawrence Congregation Chavas Daas, Brooklyn Congregation Ohab Zedek: Belle Harbor Congregation Shaaray Tefila, Lawrence Congregation Shaaray Tshuvah (The Jewish Russian Learning Center South Shore), Staten Island Congregation Shomrei Shabbos , Far Rockaway Hewlett-East Rockaway Jewish Center, East Rockaway Howard Beach Judea Center, Howard Beach Jewish Center of Island Park, Island Park Jewish Community Center of West Hempstead, West Hempstead K'hal Machzikei Torah, Far Rockaway Manhattan Beach Jewish Center, Brooklyn Mastic Beach Hebrew Center, Mastic Beach Merrick Jewish Centre, Merrick Oceanside Jewish Center, Oceanside Ohel David and Shlomo (Manhattan Beach), Manhattan Beach Rockwood Park Jewish Center, Howard Beach Seabreeze Jewish Center, Brooklyn Temple Beth Am, Merrick Temple Beth El in Rockaway Park, Rockaway Park Temple Beth El of Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn Temple Beth-El of Cedarhurst, Cedarhurst Temple Hillel Valley Stream, Valley Stream

Temple Sinai of Massapequa, Massapequa Temple Zion, Atlantic Beach and Long Beach Jewish Center, Long Beach White Shul/Kneseth Israel, Far Rockaway Young Israel of Bayswater, Bayswater Young Israel of Kingsbay, Brooklyn Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst, Cedarhurst Young Israel of Long Beach, Long Beach Young Israel of Woodmere, Woodmere Congregation Shaare Zedek, Far Rockaway Jewish Community Center, Staten Island Congregation Beit Shalom, Monroe, NJ Beth Judah Temple, Wildwood, NJ