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Mass Zeta Sludge

Mass Zeta Sludge


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Professor Frank Hartman; Dr Andrew Moulden - MASS, Zeta, blood sludge, coagulation, clotting, vaccinations, vaccine injuries, colloidal chemistry, strokes, ischemia, aluminum, infectious diseases,heavy metals, Dr. Paula Farber, Dr Michael Persinger, Vaccine Toxicity, bio-electromagnetism, Newtonian Fluid dynamics, International association Biologically Closed electric circuits in Medicine and Biology
Professor Frank Hartman; Dr Andrew Moulden - MASS, Zeta, blood sludge, coagulation, clotting, vaccinations, vaccine injuries, colloidal chemistry, strokes, ischemia, aluminum, infectious diseases,heavy metals, Dr. Paula Farber, Dr Michael Persinger, Vaccine Toxicity, bio-electromagnetism, Newtonian Fluid dynamics, International association Biologically Closed electric circuits in Medicine and Biology

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Vaccination toxicity: Zeta Phase method of action

Chapter 6.5: Blood Sludging:
The Zeta phase of MASS and “blood sludging”
The following short article represents excerpts originally penned by Prof. Frank Hartman as part of the Zeta Group of the IABC – International Association for Biologically Closed Electric Circuits (BCEC) in Medicine and Biology.

I have added my own descriptive summations relative to integrating MASS pathology with the core message intended. I have left out the references to empirical journals to maintain flow. These details will be provided in a subsequent MASS book chapter as the original articles are re-worded to enable non medical trained individuals to grasp the concepts, conclusions, and mechanism of action – this are rules of nature that are not broken without consequence. Unfortunately, we broke the rules..without knowing what the rules were, this has been far from inconsequential. Dr Andrew Moulden MD, PhD.

The vaccination toxicity controversy is caused by lack of understanding in medicine of the method of action. The question that has not been answered is “What are the mechanisms by which organ, tissue, and brain damage can occur? The first part of the following is a simple description of one phase of action; The second has the technical data and references. Please note that there are two primary mechanisms to injury along the Zeta potential (electrostatics) and the MASS (immune hypersensitivity reaction) response.

Vaccination / Infection / Toxicity / Prof. Frank Hartman – IABC Zeta Group
The present concerns about mandatory vaccinations under the Homeland Security Act are well founded. What has not been understood is the method of action that can cause vaccination toxicity. The following is a simplification of the underlying cause, method of action and remedial measures to reduce the damage with references. Note that the medical reviews in journals and on the web belittle the anti vaccination sites as based only on emotion and anecdotal evidence. 1. The introduction of any bacteria or bacterial filtrate alive or dead (vaccine) causes a reaction of the body that results in blood clots from intense microbial action reducing zeta potential. These clots may be small adhesions that attach to the blood vessels or organs impairing their function or complete obstructions resulting in organ death. They are particularly common in kidney, lung, liver and brain. This intravascular coagulation is readily apparent in an examination of the blood vessels in the sclera (whites) of the eyes from vaccines or other infections. Microorganisms take days to weeks to demonstrate their full effect on a system. 1. This is known as the Sarannelli/Schwartzman phenomena. There are several hundred references to its occurrence in the National Library of Medicine. It is called phenomena because the cause has not been understood. 2. Intense microbial action (infection) or microbial agents cause a reduction in zeta potential* which changes blood to "sludge" 3.The administration of more than one vaccine at a time multiplies the effect increasing the amount of intravascular coagulation and blood clots. 4.The use of aluminum salts to stabilize vaccines exacerbates the clotting effect by a multiple of 6000 times. 5. In summation: infection whether by vaccine or other disease agents lowers zeta

potential causing clots. In a person with high zeta potential of the blood, it may cause only local reduction and aggravation. In other cases, it can result in micro capillary clotting destroying or impairing organ function or death. This accounts for the wide range of mental and emotional disorders as well as physical reactions since the site and degree of the clot is unpredictable. The effect may start out as only an adhesion and through further reduction of zeta potential may change to a clot or hemorrhage. Due to environment and aluminum accumulations, zeta potential tends to reduce with age. Thus vaccinations of the elderly or those with severe intravascular coagulation may reduce zeta potential close to the phase change point so that even an emotional upset can trigger a clot. Even skin reactions can occur immediately and continue for seven or eight years or may not appear until one to six years later. There are over 7000 references to aluminum toxicity. Some key ones including this can be found at found at : http://www.luminet.net/~wenonah/hydro/al.htm
(cut and paste this link to your location bar) – Aluminum toxicity.

Please note that there are multiple triggers which operate in both an all-or-none, additive, and synergistic manner towards effecting a net change in the blood flow properties and characteristics that creates the final pathological state that results in the immediate, delayed, regressive, exacerbated, decompensated, and impediments to recovery states associated with chronic illness and disorders that emerge from MASS and Zeta. Controlling these crucial components of the pathological cascade, from many disease inducing triggers, and environmental influences, is where we can truly have an impact on prevention and recovery from many pathological disease and disorder states. Treating the cause is required to effect rationale health care interventions. As it stands now, we are only treating symptoms – many diagnostic labels, for example, like autism-spectrum, sudden infant death, specific learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, irritable bowel, fibromyalgia etc… are nothing more than labels, of symptoms, that do not speak to cause, in physiology. Only with knowledge of cause can we effect prevention, treatment, recovery, and cure. We have arrived at this junction – least of which is the vaccine injuries. Remarkably, we have been here before, however, WWII resulted in a loss of this crucial medical physiology knowledge, research, and discoveries. We now have answers as to cause in vaccination, infectious diseases, toxins, and pathogens at a core common mechanism for inducing and maintaining disease and illness. From answers to cause of damages in physiology and biophysics comes solutions to be implemented in the here and now. This does NOT involve synthetic drugs. Indeed, in several respects, synthetic drugs can actually make matters worse, at the causal level, yet simultaneously alleviate a specific symptom – in varying

degrees. Remarkable – but true. In contemporary society, since vaccinations have become ubiquitous, prevalent, frequent, and inescapable by society as a whole, the vaccines have become the largest singular trigger and contributor to the overall risk towards adverse events, ill health, and chronic illness/diseases states. This includes the neurodevelopmental disorders, sudden infant death, Gastrointestinal disorders, kidney malfunctions, silent liver (hepatic) dysfunction, and a complete derailment, in some individuals, of the bodies ability to heal and repair tissue damages. Notably, the adverse effects are immediate, delayed, waxing, waning, permanent, transient, intermittent, and once the microvessel (capillary blood vessels) are compromised, the ability to deliver oxygen and remove toxins from microscopic areas throughout the body, largely in end artery vascular areas, is impaired. This impairment causes tissue damages, los of organ functions, localized zones wherein pathogens can colonize unchecked by the immune system, and clinically silent to clinically evident pathological states that have been, until now, difficult to link to a

particular vaccine, or vaccine series. The links are no longer necessary. Tolerance Lost (the vaccination injury, mechanism of action, cause, and solutions DVD series available from BrinGuardMD.com) established, conclusively, that the vaccinations, as currently constituted and deployed, is the primary culprit for much human disease – including proof causation, beyond any reasonable doubt, for vaccine induced autism-spectrum, learning disabilities, language delays, sudden infant death syndrome, sudden death from Gardasil, clotting, strokes, seizures, gastrointestinal anomalies, autoimmune derailments, dementia, likely asthma, and much much more. Part of the problem is a lack of understanding by mainstream medicine of colloidal

chemistry, biophysics, and the role of electrical circuits, ions, and energy, in the control and maintenance of homeostasis, blood flow, clotting, coagulation, tissue repair, organ development, tissue damages, and healing in the human body. Tolerance Lost – will help you understand what has happened, why this happened, and what we must now do to extract ourselves from the harm being caused by lack of knowledge and understanding – for all of us. With knowledge and understanding comes the rationale means by which we can now direct, advise, and provide what is needed to begin the road to recovery for al those harmed. Recovery is possible, as you all know and have heard. However, the “recovery process” itself remains and enigmatic mystery once again from a lack of understanding and knowledge. We will bring you the understanding and knowledge required to recover from sickness, diseases, and disorders that has become rampant. We were not meant to be in this state of affairs. There is a way out. However, we can only help you if you first help yourselves. This requires some learning and acquisition of knowledge that helps direct you towards your own conclusions based on discovery rather than selling you a story as “we are experts and we know best.” It is this precisely this “experts know best: mentality that has landed us all in the state of misunderstanding we are all currently in. Professor Frank Hartman – IABC – Zeta Group – Nov. 2008 Tolerance Lost – it all starts here. Tolerance found – the way out – coming soon. Andrew Moulden MD, PhD
“become the understanding you wish to see in the world.”

Subcutaneous nodules in patients hyposensitized with aluminum-containing allergen extracts.

Garcia-Patos V. – Pujol R.M. – Alomar A. – Cistero A. – Curell R. – Fernandez-Figueras M.T. – de Moragas J.M. From: Arch Dermatol (1995 Dec) 131(12):1421-4 These lesions have been mainly attributed to a hypersensitivity reaction to aluminum hydroxide, which is used as an absorbing agent in many vaccines and hyposensitization preparations. Patch tests with standard antigens and aluminum compounds and histopathologic and ultrastructural studies were performed on 10 patients with persistent subcutaneous nodules on the upper part of their arms after injection of aluminum-adsorbed dust and/or pollen extracts. The nodules appeared 1 month to 6.5 years after injections.

The reason for the delayed effect is beyond the scope of this paper but it also is a function of zeta potential. The effect of mandatory smallpox vaccinations will be an increase in heart attacks and stroke immediately after; followed later in those who avoid the immediate stroke or heart attack, by long term impairment in other body areas and in many cases death several months later. It cannot be avoided. The use of the gadolinium dye in mri's and the dye used in thyroid tests will produce to a greater or lesser degree exactly the same results as each of them has excess positive ions. (the last reference provides a better understanding) Note: Try this at home: Imagine the colloidal suspension is your blood. By making a flour water mixture and adding a drop of deodorant (main ingredient aluminum) one can easily observe the coagulation effect of aluminum. The flour will immediately clump and settle to the bottom. As an alternative, rub oil on the arm and apply a small amount of deodorant. The oil will immediately coagulate and roll up in little balls. Aluminum is the primary ingredient in most antiperspirants as it causes sweat to coagulate and block the pores in sweat glands. Professor Frank Hartman – IABC – Zeta Group – Nov. 2008

“Some day the world will stand up and thank men like Prof. Hartman, Thomas Riddick, and Dr Nordenstrom, for what they have given of themselves, for us all. Both myself, and

Dr. Farber below, continue to learn much on health, wellness, and disease, from these para-medical pioneers. It truly is time we started treating the cause, and not the symptoms, of human disease – this can start for you all, with Tolerance Lost..and then found.” Dr Andrew Moulden MD, PhD

Vaccination toxicity: Bioelectric Man: Core concept to Tolerance Lost
Internationl Association for Biologically Closed Electrical Circuits http://www.iabc.readywebsites.com/page/page/623957.htm http://www.iabc.readywebsites.com/10th_congress.html
The IABC was officially formed in September of 1993. Dr. Björn E.W. Nordenström, the founder of this association, was the first IABC President. The membership consists of medical doctors, biologists, biophysicists, engineers, educators and business professionals. IABC members are involved in the development of electrotherapeutic, thermotherapeutic and magnetotherapeutic techniques, in combination with conventional therapies, for the treatment of a wide variety of health problems including cancer, diseases of the visual system, connective tissue disease and neurological disorders. Approximately 300 members are actively engaged in related research and clinical studies in a wide variety of locations including Australia, Brazil, China, Cuba, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Sweden and the U.S.

During the 1950's, a brilliant, inquisitive and highly innovative Swedish radiologist and surgeon, Dr. Björn E.W. Nordenström (second photo) became interested in streaks, spikes and coronas that he saw in X-ray images of lung tumors (third photo, from: Exploring BCECSystems, Nordic Medical Publications, Stockholm (1998)). When Dr. Nordenström discussed his observations with other physicians, many of his colleagues saw nothing. Others attributed the

phenomena to artifacts in the image. Dr. Nordenström was quite familiar with negative reactions from his colleagues. As his accomplishments grew, he became Head of Diagnostic Radiology at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. He also authored or coauthored more than 150 publications in radiology, electrobiology and pharmacology. He was a member of the Nobel Assembly from 1967 through 1986, and served as President of the Assembly in 1985. Even with these credentials, many of his ideas, such as needle biopsy and balloon catheterization were initially met with significant amounts of opposition by his peers. In 1965, Dr. Nordenström began a scientific investigation into the subtle anomalies that he observed in lung tumor X-ray images. After years of very careful experimentation and analysis, he came to the conclusion that the streaks, spikes and coronas that could be seen in X-ray radiographs of lung tumors were the result of water movement, movement of ions and restructuring of certain tissues due to the influence of various electrical and electrochemical phenomena. As his research activities progressed, Dr. Nordenström proposed a closed loop, circulatory, self regulating model for healing that was much more detailed and complete than conventional wound healing models. Dr. Nordenström's model involves various Biologically Closed Electric Circuits (BCEC), capable of utilizing a number of physiological pathways and influencing structure and function for a variety of tissues and organs. In essence, he described another circulatory system where continuous energy circulation and circulating electrical currents support healing, metabolism, growth, regulation, immune response, etc.

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