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The Great Wealth Pandemic

The Great Wealth Pandemic

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Published by: WICKED MERCY on Jan 21, 2008
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Health and Well-Being are very important to helping you experience more joy
and more passion in your life. If your body feels good, it tells you it’s feeling good
and when your body feels good you have good emotions, you think good thoughts.

There are some simple remedies that can help you to feel better immediately.

1.Drink Plenty of Water
2.Take Vitamins
3.Get Plenty of Rest

One of the main problems with people feeling unhealthy is lack of hydration.
Your body needs the proper amount of water to function at optimum levels. Drink a
full glass of water right now and you will see that within 20 minutes you will feel a
bit better than you had 20 minutes ago. It’s a fact. Of course, not all water is good
for you but if you hold the intention that the water you are drinking is healing, it
will be.

Scientists are just beginning to discover that frequencies can be impressed upon
water and be a carrier of that frequency. Dr. Emoto has done several experiments
with our intentions impressed upon water and has had amazing results. If you
would like to learn more point your browser to hado.net and discover for yourself
something truly amazing.

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The Great Wealth Pandemic

Another quick way to feel better is go out and get yourself some vitamins, or an
energy drink. You will soon see that when your body has what it needs you will be
able to experience higher and more frequent levels of happiness and joy.

Make sure to get plenty of rest. If your body doesn’t get the rest it needs then
you will feel stressed out; things will tend to get on your nerves more often. If your
body doesn’t get the rest it needs by your choice it will make the choice for you by
breaking down and getting sick.

Then you have to rest to get better. Your body is very intelligent and every
single cell and atom of your body is in constant communication with itself. Begin to
love and treat your body with respect, it’s yours it’s the only one you get this
lifetime and it’s up to you to care for it love it and respect it.

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The Great Wealth Pandemic

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