Jackeline Ruiz Period 5 Poem Statement The theme in “Past, Present, Future” is education is the key to success and

how people need motivation to succeed. The path that I describe in the poem is very focused because I know what I need to do to choose the correct path for myself. I want to become successful and I also want to make my family proud since I am going to be the first member to attend college. My past and present are shaping my bright future which is not that far away. This poem is interesting because I use both literal and metaphorical language to describe the path. For example, I used a simile in my second stanza that says, “the strong man now became fragile like glass.” I am talking about my grandfather in this line. This is symbolic for the strength that my grandpops usually portrays. He is always trying to show people that he is strong and tough but once he saw this little innocent baby, me, he knew he had to be gentle. He knew that in order to show this baby that he really loved it, he had to be tender and sweet. The baby is symbolic to the glass because babies are really fragile and you treat them with care or else they could break or get damaged. Also, I used literal description. In my last stanza, “Obstacles don’t stop her from attaining what she desires.” This means that I don’t create excuses to stop myself from reaching what I want. I stay focused and I know exactly what I need to be on the bound of succeed. I selected my attributes in different methods. The reason I choose the background was simply because that is my favorite color and because it is a strong heavy color. I want it to represent that I am strong and unique because not a lot of people like burgundy. The pictures are just key words from my poem. The flower is me blossoming into a bright student. The bird is me flying high to reach my goals and setting my expectations high for myself. The song is a very friendly song and it’s called “we’re going to be friends.” I just love that song and I feel that the reader gets into the mood and the song flows with the poem because it’s a lullaby. It flows because the poem is about the friendship between the grandfather and the granddaughter.

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