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Like most juicy stories, this started at a party.

In New York’s public zoo (Manhattan), beauties of that animal kingdom click-clack with their Jimmy Choos, prance atop Louboutins, and teeter on Lacroixs. When visiting the jungle, the beauties enter soirées( one stilletto step at a time, of course!) that are considered the territory of the elite animals. Here, enter the feisty jungle of an Mercedes Benz Fashion Week after party, September 12th 2015, where industry insiders frolic and one girl always gets the lion’s share of attire-focused attention. As the old saying goes, an outfit is worth a thousand words. Okay, that’s not how the exact saying went, but the idea that you communicate through your clothing choices is undoubted. My clothing choice: a vermillion floor-length maxi dress. And with such a choice, nonsurreptitiously, heads quirked and piercing eyes motioned up and down my outfit like an elevator repeatedly going up and down, when I paraded into the room. Once witnessing the attention, I made a point to sashay around the social gathering to flaunt my outfit. Nothing abstruse from my typical night outs, I was the scene stealer. Markedly, I was wearing something that made lasting and fashionable impression without even saying a word. Circulating the penthouse, I traipsed around and remarked about the models in my midst. I heeded the admirable cat walkers, cataloging their Saturday-night style and mentally noting every outfit in view. One cat walker was wearing some trashy, pointed, thigh-high boots and silver metallic skirt. Poof—rock star sex kitten. Meow. Instantly, I flung my notepad out of my clutch and jotted down notes. In a flash, I witnessed a girl who wore a tulip-shaped skirt that had the same shade of colors of the childhood jungle gym I used to play in: red, yellow, and blue. The color combination was risky, but it worked. Suddenly, my pen began writing furiously as I closed in on how the color combination accentuated the ripples of the skirt so flawlessly. Soon after, another well-dressed marvel stumbled by me. She piqued my interest with her in complex and monochromatic outfit in the face of the recent frou-frou popular trend. I began semi-staring, like a tourist on safari. Then I scribbled actively mentioning every synonym of ‘amazing’. Finally, in a daze of awe, I looked down at the chicken scratch of notes.I saw that my notepad was filled with notes written in Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Bengali, Latin, Greek and English- all the languages I know how to write in. Subsequently navigating the New York soiree rather than the Atlantic Ocean, my inner Christopher Columbus was ignited when I uncovered new inspirations for my collection. I started immersing myself in three of my senses: sight, smell, sound. I searched the room for nominal objects. Then I yoga inhaled the scent of the heat rising from the plates of hot fettuccine. During, I listened to the gossip monger whispers among the music. I drew silhouettes and could not keep the pen from moving on paper.I had a lack of control and excitement for what was going to be drawn next. I felt pressured to keep my reign going. Soon after, my ambidextrous nature emerged and I began writing notes again with my right hand and sketching with my left hand. I was on a roll. Mission completion. Show Stopping, writing, sketching. It was time to head out of the jungle. Unlike most juicy stories, this ends in a subway shuttle. Ding. The 12:25am subway doors opened. Suddenly my notepad slammed to the floor.Fully exposed, it revealed the myriad of notes and sketches. A fashionable man lifted it and handed it to me. “Who are you?” he questioned. “My name is Monica Bedi and I am a girl who appeals to her audience with genuine swag. I am a unique lady who embodies all that is artistry. I proclaim my opinion and attitude through my

adventurous dress. I am a go-getter. A kitten with claws. I want to make a mark on the world and make it BIG. I want to change the way people think, act, and live. I want to change the world, one day, hour, minute, second at a time. I am an aspiring fashion journalist, fashion designer, and showstopper. When show stop, I enthrall. When I write, I captivate. When I design, I entertain. I will explode, so make room.”

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