Moh 1 Hensley Moh English 120A 001 Prof.

Marion Bruner IF# 3

My Summer Trips After the spring semester, I took summer classes from May to June. I then went to my uncle’s house in Waxhaw. I spent about two weeks with my uncle’s family. While at my uncle’s place, I did not really do much since I spent most of the time at home. I went out occasionally with my two cousins. Sometimes we went to the gym at the YMCA, and most of the time we went out just to visit Downtown Charlotte. I booked my flight for Boston, Massachussets about two weeks before. A friend of mine at Queens actually picked me up at my uncle’s place and drove me to the airport. I was scared that I missed my flight since we arrived at the airport 45 minutes before the actual flight departure. Luckily for me, the time was pushed a little forward which gave me some time to check in my stuffs and get to my gate. I arrived Boston airport where my friends picked me up. I stayed with my friends while at Boston for a week. The weather in Boston was not that different from that of Charlotte. I had a great time with my friends and from there I moved to Dallas, Texas. I left Boston around 10:00 am and arrived Dallas at 2:00 pm. I stayed with my childhood friends while there. It was extremely hot in Dallas while I was there. Living with them brought back a lot of past memories and the good times we had back in my country. I

Moh 2 was supposed to make 2 weeks in Dallas, but I decided to change my flight later to 1 month. It was indeed an awesome trip and this particular trip to Dallas was my best. From Dallas, I moved to Boston where I made 4 days living with my uncle. It gave me the chance to see my uncle’s wife and baby. I came back to Charlotte and lived with my uncle at Waxhaw up till school reopening day when I got back to school. It was overall a great summer holidays and one with very good memories too. I’m also looking forward to the next summer holidays.

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