The truth behind ‘It is said’

The most appropriate phrase that is used to depict any prehistorically event. By using it the legends like Rama Nand Sagar and B.R. Chopra earned huge money ‘Ramanaya and Mahabharata respectively. These days, it is being used by IBN7 and India TV. If you please allow me to use this phrase, I too will narrate a prehistorical event. It is said that the most respected Vedas, Granthas and Puranas were written by Rishi Ved Vyas in Dwapar Yug. It is said that illiterate himself Rishi Ved Vyas could not find even single literate person on this Mrityulok to write something ………. So, he requested Lord Ganesha, son of Lord Shiva to come to our planet earth and write the same. Conditionally, he accepted the offer and wrote down what so ever spoken by Rishi Ved Vyas, thus creating four Vedas 18 Purans etc. It is said the main condition of this obligation was his immediate return to Devlok. So he returned to Devlok leaving yet illiterate ancestors to read them. It is said Ravana in Treta Yug was a master reader of all these Granthas, Vedas etc. If you raise any query of these Yugas again it is said keep on adding 4,32000 years in age of Kalyug. You will fing the ages like this. Satyuga 16,28000 (period of Devats) Tretayuga 12,96000 (Lord Ram and Ravan) Dwaparyuga 8,64000 (Lord Krishana and Mahabharata) Kaliyuga 4,32000 (Incarnation yet to take birth) 4 times of Kaliyuga 3 times of Kaliyuga 2 times of Kaliyuga 1 times of Kaliyuga

Now, I will not use it is said better I will try to understand that those Granthas composed by Rishi Ved Vyas were how well known to Ravana long – long years ago. In short these holly books were Composed long before the origin of language(s) simply 6500 years ago.

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