Hensley Moh 10/25/12 Prof.

Marion Bruner IF #6

Finding Freedom In Forgiveness In this very touching story, a lady named Jennifer Thompson accused a man named Ronald Cotton for raping her. Ronald then spent 11 years in jail before DNA evidence showed that he was not the one who raped her. What is so amazing is that Ronald told her that he had forgiven her while in jail. After testifying that Ronald was the one, Jenniffer felt really bad but thanks to their collaboration, they are now good friends. It’s true some people may find it hard to understand how Ronald could easily her, but from what I believe, it was the right thing to do. In order to have a free mind and heart, it is important to forgive people no matter what they might have done. In some cases the person who did offend you may have no worries at all and you will be the one with the hardened heart and you become a prisoner of your own mind. By forgiving, you kind of free yourself from all the burden of hatred for someone and makes you feel more better. Sometimes, I find it difficult to reason and act properly when I’m mad at someone because the only thing in my mind is that person and what he or she did. Whenever I make up my mind to forgive someone I feel more better, happier and kind of relieved. Putting myself in Ronald’s situation, it could be really tough for me to forgive Jennifer but I can’t continue to live happily and freely without forgiving her. If I was in

Jennifer’s place too, I will feel extremely horrible knowing I made an innocent person to go to jail for 11 years. The only thing that could definitely make me feel a little better will be if the person forgives me. Overall, this was a great lesson for everyone.

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