What Could It Be?

What could it be? Is it my skin? Is it my clothes? That’s why they’re stereotyping me? I’m human like you. You’re human like me. We speak the same language. We’re no different you see. The news has you tainted. Your mind doesn’t know. That everyone can assume. But what happens behind closed doors? My uncle attacked the Iraqi embassy. He was having a bad day. It wasn’t because he’s a terrorist. It’s just his boss wouldn’t go away. A man in America could murder his whole family. The news says it’s a tragedy. The story read that he was a loving father. A man who believed in Christianity. He religion wasn’t downplayed. But mine was given negative light. See our religion doesn’t make us act crazy. And stir up fights So what could it really be? Is it my skin? Is it my clothes? No. It’s the media. That’s why you’re stereotyping me.