Saturday 8 December 2012

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Missing Dog Tags
An American GI in North Korea
Our guest this week on Veterans Radio is Ken Eaton, author of Missing Dog Tags, a true story of escape, evasion and recapture told by an American prisoner of war in North Korea. The Korean War is known as “The Forgotten War”, but you don’t want to miss this amazing true story of American ingenuity and survival. Ken Eaton was captured by the Chinese in Korea in on February 11, 1951, but he never gave up. He escaped three times and was recaptured three times. He survived 30 months as an escapee and finally a POW in Chinese Communist Camp # 5 at Pyoktong in North Korea. He wrote down his experiences of brutal treatment and starvation, along with episodes of kindness, shortly after he came home. The Korean War is little known. The experiences of that wars’ POW’s even less so. Eaton’s book fills in that gap and shows us an American we can be proud of.

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