Name Class ____


Word Puzzle
Guess the Christmas word that fits the clue.

CHRISTMAS WORD angel candle carol chimne elves

CLUE Messenger from God, has wings. (5 letters) Something you give to Santa Claus. (4 letters) Used on the outside of a house (6 letters) Pipe that carries smoke up and out of the house. (7 letters) Small beings with pointed ears that live with Santa. (5 letters) Looks like a sock, you can hang this by the chimney. (8 letters)


Bird that you eat during Christmas dinner. (6 letters) Green with berries, you kiss under this. (9 letters)


Decorative thing on the Christmas tree. (8 letters) An animal with antlers used to help pull sledges. (8 letters) I bring Christmas presents to good boys and girls. (11 letters)


Where Santa lives. (9 letters) Something you hang with your name. (9 letters)


Made from snow with a carrot nose and two eyes made out of coal. (7 letters) Ring of flowers and leaves. (6 letters)

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