so good before.

Her hips started to rock feverishly under the play of her finger s and he pinned her in place with his hands. Not so fast, he rasped as he drove his cock home inside her. Her puckered little nipples stood upright, begging for his attention. Shifting, he lowered his body across her, forcing her breast up until he could feast on her nipple while he rode her body in hard, sure strokes. Her hand slid up to clutch at his shoulders when he took her legs and put them h igh in the air, opening her body so he could take her hard and deep. Lauren flinched when he pounded int o her, forcing his cock deep inside her already swollen, sensitive passage. He bit delicately on he r nipple while he pumped into her, pulling a muffled scream from her. That s it, baby. Scream for me, come for me, he murmured, lifting his head and trans ferring his attention to her other breast until both nipples were hard, red and wet from his mouth. She screamed, all right. When he rose up and shoved her legs to her chest, fucki ng her hard, she screamed as she climaxed around him, feeling his come spurt inside her, hot and deep. The climax tore through her belly, tearing open a dam deep inside that gushed forth beneath the pounding of his body. In his mind, Dale had pictured a face, one he saw with every woman. Her image wa sn t quite as clear, but he hardly noticed as the silky flesh around him sent him into an explosive c limax, the likes of which he d never before experienced. Without even realizing he had spoken, he roared out her name while he shot his s emen into Lauren Spencer s tight little sheath, her climax milking and squeezing around his cock li ke a greedy fist. Moments later, exhaustion crowding his already dazed mind, he collapsed on top o f her. The unreal pleasure, combined with the unholy amount of liquor he had consumed, dulled his mind enough that he didn t see anything wrong with curling up around the warm, naked female he held ag ainst his sweating body. Dimly, he tried to remember who she was, but couldn t. And he didn t have the energy needed to open his eyes and look. She d be there when he woke up, and then he d find out.After he b uried himself in that body again. Turning his head, eyes still closed, he breathed in the incredible scent of her soft skin before burying his face in her hair and falling into oblivion. Lauren was pretty certain she was going to be sick. Just puke her guts up right there. And since Dale s long, heavy body still pinned her to the floor, she was pretty certain she would also choke on her own vomit, and asphyxiate right there. It couldn t possibly be any more humiliating th an hearing Dale cry another woman s name while he was coming inside her. What had she done? Her body aching, her mouth swollen from the rough kisses, Lauren lay staring at the ceiling in Dale s living room. What had she done?

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