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Published by: International School Manila on Dec 07, 2012
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Friday Bulletin
Weekly Publication for Middle School Parents ISSUE # 17

From the Middle School Office
Dear Parents: The Middle School art show is open this week in the lobby of the Fine Arts Theater until December 12. There are some amazing pieces on display so please take some time to visit when you are on campus. A big thank you to Ms. Jacobs, Ms. Lim and Mr. Respecki for bringing out the creativity in our students. The students and teachers put on an outstanding Middle School Concert and they are to be applauded. The music showed the range of skills of our musicians and the combined pieces were phenomenal. We greatly appreciate all the hard work and efforts of Ms. Hausman, Mr. Howrey and Mr. Odendaal, who nurture the students’ talents and skills. For the past five days the Middle School celebrated Spirit Week and it was exciting to see the students who dressed up and showed their Bearcat spirit. Thanks to the MS Student Council for organizing the theme days. We also had an outstanding Sports Day and the displays of good sportsmanship and teamwork among the students were admirable. A big thank you to Mr. Allen, Ms. Child, Ms. Castro, Mr. Juteau and Ms. Shaw for organizing an activitypacked, fun-filled Sports Day. Unbelievably, we have reached the final week of semester 1, and each year the time seems to fly by more quickly. Please note that students will be dismissed at 12:00 noon on Friday, December 14 and we ask that you make the necessary transportation arrangements so that your child is picked up promptly at dismissal time. As the semester draws to a close and grades are finalized, please be informed that PowerSchool will be closed starting 7 January 2013 and will reopen on 18 January 2013. During this time teachers will be finalizing narrative reports on each student. Classes resume on Monday, January 7, 2013. Homebase for the first 15 minutes of the day. Students should report to

Inside this issue:
From the Superintendent Office From the Admissions Office Back-to-School Reminder From the Music Department Middle School Spring Musical Production From the ATAC Office Congratulations to the ISM Gymnastics Team Lost & Found Viewing Middle School Art Show From the HS Guidance Office Language Courses for Parents ISM Community Art Auction IFFD Call for Volunteers Video Recordings of Fine & Performing Arts Events Organic & Conventional Farming Article by Grade 8 Students 2 3 4

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10 11 14 15 to Jan. 06 Poetry Jam (MSMC) Gr. 7 to 12 Beginners Recital Early Student Release (12 noon) School Holiday

JANUARY 07 19 22
Classes Resume MS Local Choir Festival Third Culture Kids: The Lived Experience (K-12 Counseling Workshop AMIS Orchestra/Mixed Choir Festival MS Parent Coffee (7:45 A.M., LT)

During this festive time of year we'd like to wish all the families of the ISM community a warm and happy holiday season. We hope you all have an opportunity to relax, reflect on and celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of this past year. The students have earned a well deserved break. When we return in January, we look forward to seeing their smiling faces and listening to their stories. Enjoy the holidays and best wishes for a prosperous 2013! Yours in Education, Simon Gillespie Middle School Principal Clarissa Sayson Middle School Assistant Principal

23 to 27 24

January 07 January 18 January 22 PowerSchool closes PowerSchool opens (8:00 A.M.) Report Card Distribution



From the Superintendent’s Office
Dear Parents: I am pleased to say that we have received the WASC/CIS Five Year Accreditation Report on our school. In the conclusion of the report, the Visitors comment: International School Manila is an outstanding school that is not content to rest upon its history or accomplishments. There is a spirit of reflection and forward thinking that allows all members of the school community to look beyond the present and prepare students with skills that will enable them to successfully navigate through an rapidly changing global business and social environment. The Guiding Statements of ISM are not static but the basis for development and forward planning. The mission and goals are present throughout the school, not only as signs on walls, but equally through the underlying commitment to inquiry and service observed in classrooms and in discussions with teachers, students and parents. The inclusive process of determining and setting achievable annual school-wide goals provides a focus that is identifiable in decisions regarding activities, professional development and curricular choices. The ability of students to actually be the primary facilitators in a school-wide goal speaks to the school’s trust in their students and to students’ achievement of the trans-disciplinary skills that are embedded in the courses offered throughout the school. T here is ample evidence that ISM is reflective about the extent to which internationalism is promoted and recognized. The diversity of the student population and staff promotes opportunities for discussions related to differing perspectives and positions. Opportunities for service in the local community add to student understanding of the diversity of economic as well as cultural perspectives. In the past five years, ISM has documented the school-wide written curriculum but has also included plans for ongoing reflection and revision to ensure that the written curriculum will be current with the changes in course content and instructional pedagogy that will be necessary as the technology and integration needs change. This evolving pattern can currently be seen in the annual suggestions for new courses and the blurring of subject lines, as transdisciplinary skills become focused objectives. Students’ learning is clearly the focus at ISM. There is a reasoned transition process in place as students move from the pre-school level with play and inquiry, to elementary levels with Units of Inquiry, into a four-year transition program of Middle School and then to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. ISM is inclusive in admissions and in IB. Students are provided language and learning support as well as social and emotional guidance. Decisions regarding professional development and the Looking for Learning appraisal process are based upon the School’s commitment to supporting student learning. I nternational School Manila has made great strides in the past five years and addressed concerns and issues that were identified by the previous accreditation visiting team. The focus on student learning has sharpened, the governance is strong and consistent, and the sense of service and community is continuing. ISM is again set to move “from great to greater”. Those are very positive words and reflect a generally held view in our community and beyond that ISM has made enormous progress over the last few years. All of us who work in the school recognize that these comments simply mark a point on our journey. No one here is in the least complacent about the work that lies ahead of us, and we anticipate that, in the next five years before WASC and CIS visit us again, there will be exactly the same level of purpose, drive and commitment from faculty and principals as we have witnessed in the last five years. For those who wish to read the full WASC/CIS report in this link: http://www.ismanila.org/uploaded/About_Us/Philippines_-_IS_Manila__2012_5yr_Vis_Rep.pdf. In the meantime, best wishes for very happy holidays and celebrations. Sincerely, David Toze Superintendent International School Manila



From the Admissions Office
Dear Parents, Our first Semester is coming to an end. If you will not be returning for the second Semester which commences on January 7, 2013 please contact the ADMISSIONS OFFICE immediately. For your reference and guidance, IS Manila follows the procedures outlined below: Withdrawal Procedure for students leaving ISM Parents are obliged to officially inform the School in writing through a WITHDRAWAL NOTIFICATION FORM.

 For families that will not be returning for Semester two SY1213 please send us the form immediately.  For families withdrawing before the end of the year but during our second semester the Withdrawal notice must
be received on or before MAY 10, 2013. Failure to do so will lead to a deduction of US$1,000 from the Facilities Upgrade Deposit (FUD).

The Withdrawal Notification Form may be obtained from the Admissions Office or directly from the ISM website under Admission > Re-Enrollment & Withdrawal > For ALL Withdrawals STEP 1: Return the Withdrawal Notification Form scanned and e-mailed as an attachment to admissions@ismanila.org or drop the completed forms at our office.  Upon receipt of the Withdrawal Notification Form by the Admissions Office, a copy will be forwarded to the appropriate School Office and the Finance Office for their action.  The School Office, upon receipt of the Withdrawal Notification Form, will initiate the student clearance procedure which requires a Middle or High School student to have the Student Clearance Slip signed by the indicated teachers and offices for clearance. For Elementary students, the Elementary Office will handle the withdrawal clearance for them.  Note that school transcripts and records will be available from the particular school office approximately 15-working days after the child’s last day of attendance at ISM. Please coordinate directly with the particular school office if you require other arrangements. STEP 2: If required, and when completed, the Student Clearance Slip must be taken to the Cashier’s Office. Only after the Cashier has received and signed the completed clearance form will the child’s transcript or school records be released from the Elementary, Middle or High School Office. Please note that one copy of the transcript is provided free of charge, additional copies cost P100 each, payable at the Cashier’s Office before release. Please coordinate directly with the particular school office if you require more than one copy of school records. STEP 3: In order to receive your Facilities Upgrade Deposit or FUD (formerly the Special Project Deposit) refund, the following must be submitted to the Cashier’s Office: 1) Signed Student Clearance Slip 2) Signed Facilities Upgrade Deposit Certificate Please note that the FUD refund will not be released before your child’s last day of school and may take up to thirty (30) days. Only the person whose name appears on the FUD Certificate may claim the refund at the Cashier’s Office. Please call the Cashier at 840-8506 if you have questions regarding your FUD Certificate. Please allow the withdrawal process to go smoothly by starting the process early. Thank you for your help and understanding. If you will be withdrawing before the end of the school year and wish to receive your child’s YEARBOOK please submit the appropriate form to the division office. The forms are available through the web site: Admission > Re-Enrollment & Withdrawal 1. Elementary School Yearbook: ALAALA 2. Middle School Yearbook: SALINLAHI 3. High School Yearbook: KAWAYAN Many thanks, Stephanie H. Hagedorn Director of Admissions & Advancement International School Manila www.ismanila.org



From the Music Department
Congratulations to the 7-8 Bands, Choirs and Strings for a fantastic concert last Wednesday! We especially loved hearing Mars and Jupiter from ‘The Planets’ and the finale piece titled Alice’s Theme. Keep up the great musical talent!

Middle School Spring Musical Production
Students interested in auditioning for a role in the Middle School spring musical production of The Wiz: Please come to Room 1129 on Wednesday, December 12th, from 3 to 4 p.m. to find out more about the show & auditions, and to receive helpful tips & materials. If you are interested in being a member of the crew, be on the lookout for an invitation to meet after the holiday break.

Update your contact information!
Please get in touch with the Admissions Office (840-8488) or Middle School Office (840-8550/840-8553) if there has been any change in your home address, email address, and contact numbers. We want to keep you updated with what is happening in school.

We’re on the web! www.ismanila.org

please call the Guidance Office at 840-8555 or email msguidance@ismanila.org to obtain your username and password.



From the Athletics & Activities Office
With the holiday break fast approaching this coming weekend will be the final weekend of matches for 2012. ISM Bearcat action will resume the first weekend back on January 11th and 12th, 2013. ISM will host IASAS Tennis January 30 to Febuary 3. We need to house 80 visiting tennis players from the IASAS schools. Please click this link to access the housing letter information http://atac.ismonline.org/files/2011/02/IASAS-tennis-2013-HousingRequest-letter.pdf. For more general information about housing at IASAS tournaments, please see the housing and hosting page at http://atac.ism-online.org/iasas/iasashousing/ The letter is also available under the helpful shortcuts bar on the right side of the ATAC blog home page. We look forward to ISM community support for what will be a fantastic tennis tournament as our ISM tennis teams attempt to defend GOLD at IASAS! Deadline for submission of housing is on December 7! We still need 43 more athletes housed! Congratulations to our Gymnasts who traveled to represent ISM at the Hong Kong Gymnastics meet last weekend. Results will be posted when received from the organizers. The results from the Philippine Cup meet held at Rizal Memorial two weeks ago are included in this bulletin from Coach Ramon and Coach Jas. This coming Saturday on campus we have rugby and touch, MS tennis and a range of basketball games for our MS/HS teams. Please check the game schedule for times and come along to support the Bearcats. Our MS boys rugby team will play BSM this Friday after school 4:00 P.M. at British School field. Our varsity tennis teams will play at CSA on Saturday vs. Ateneo B and Woodrose. On Saturday, December 8th at the Rox store in the Fort, our wall climbing team will compete in a local climbing competition. Good luck to our climbing team and coaches. A great way to stay in touch with the ISM ATAC program is to subscribe via RSS feed to the ATAC blog and also to follow via twitter (see twitter feed on the blog home page). Each Monday, I will post the weeks happenings and highlight important events for students and parents information on the ATAC blog and in the regular Friday Parent Bulletins. GAME SCHEDULE PDF: (access to game schedule information) Information about all mid-week/weekend fixtures for ISM teams can be found via the ATAC blog. Please note the game schedule does change often due to involvement with many local schools so please check the page regularly to find out the latest information of where and when the Bearcats teams are playing. Click on schedules tab or the Bearcat logo to be directed to the power school secure site http://powerschool.ismanila.org/public/. You will need your PowerSchool username and password to access the game schedule. HS Student registration for ATAC activities: (new for school year ’12-13) A Google doc registration is now available for all HS students who will take part in any ATAC seasonal sports teams, MUN and Cultural Convention programs. Please take the time to complete this online registration for activities that you plan on joining this school year. Please access the form via the HS Student Registration tab found under the Helpful Shortcuts bar on the ATAC blog home page. (Please note this is for HS students only and you must use your school email address to access the link. Personal gmail or hotmail addresses will not allow you to access the page.) BEARCAT DEN: http://atac.ism-online.org/bearcat-den/ Our Bearcat Den is open for business, please drop by to check out the range of Bearcat products. We have a great team of volunteers who run the den and are always looking for more people to help out. If you are interested in joining a fantastic group, please contact any of our den members during den opening hours. Please note we are looking for a new volunteer coordinator as Melanie Ball is leaving us in December. If anyone is interested in taking on this role, please contact the ATAC office. Don’t forget to stock up this week for your ISM merchandise for holiday gifts. Last day for den operations will be on Thursday, December 13th. The den will not be open December 14. Regular Opening Hours for the Bearcat Den:  Wednesday & Friday, 11:30 A.M. – 1:00 P.M. & 2:30 P.M. – 4:00 P.M.  Tuesday & Thursday afternoons, 2:30 - 4:00 P.M. Regards, Mark Pekin Director of Athletics/Activities





From the Security & Operation Department





From the High School Guidance Office
Dear ISM Parents, We are very pleased once again to offer an exciting career discovery focused program developed by the HS Guidance Department in cooperation with the HS Administration:

The Bearcat Career Experience  

As we all know well, high school for students is (among many things) a time of self-discovery. It is a time where our students begin to better acknowledge their aptitudes/likes, where they hone their strengths and where they begin to sort through that rather complicated map known as their educational and future career path. Unfortunately, it is often a map with gaps between what they learn in their “academic” classrooms and the “real world” their teachers are working to prepare them for. In short, we hope to help bridge that gap for some of our HS students through a five-day summer “internship” (June 10th – 14th, 2012) with various companies in the Metro Manila area. This is the week right after our school year finishes. Last year we were very fortunate to place over 120 ISM high school students with about 30 companies (including Alaska Milk, Asian Development Bank (ADB), Fed Ex, Hyatt Hotel and Casino, and Makati Medical Center just to name a few) in the Metro Manila area. Demand for this program has increased each year and we expect that to continue. However, in order to keep pace with student interest, we need additional reputable companies from a variety of industries to form partnerships with us and take part. As parents of our dedicated and motivated students, you may own, be employed by, or know of a company interested in supporting this very worthwhile endeavor. We ask for your support in helping us develop potential “Career Experience” placements and subsequently, lasting positive relationships with companies in the Metro Manila area. We ask that you take time to reflect on this important initiative (currently in its 3rd year) and its value for our ISM community. If you are in a position to take one or more of our students at your company or know of an interested company, please contact Doug McQueen at mcqueend@ismanila.org. He will be happy to explain the program further and how to apply as a company. For more information on the Bearcat Career Experience you may also take a look at our website http://bearcat-careers.ism-online.org/ in the meantime. Information about how your son or daughter (current high school sophomores and juniors only) could apply for a Bearcat Career Experience “internship” position will be communicated at a later date. In the meantime, please arrange to be in Manila during the June 10th to 14th week if you think your son or daughter might be interested. Thank you very much for your support and I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Doug McQueen Grade 9/10 School Counselor



Language Courses for Parents



From the Advancement PCC Sponsorship Letter Office

We’re on the web! www.ismanila.org





Organic and Conventional Farming
Organic and Conventional Farming We are a group of three eighth graders in the same Changing Our World (COW) class. This article is for a “Taking Action” project, with the main goal being to spread awareness and educate people of the nutritional values in conventional and organic farming and to contrast these two methods of farming. The team decided on writing a newspaper article, hoping for it to be published in the parent bulletin, to inform parents with students attending ISM of how food is raised/grown. We hope that these individuals will reconsider their food choices and see the pros and cons of each side. This project will help our Classroom Without Walls (CWW) site, Geofarm, an organic farm, because we hope to educate children and adults about the advantages of living in harmony with nature, otherwise known as organic farming. The population is rapidly increasing, causing further pollution and necessity for food, forcing farmers to choose between organic and conventional farming. Though both raise animals and crops to produce food, their methods are quite different. Organic food is made using no fertilizers, pesticides or chemicals; instead they have compost with many uses. This refreshes the Earth and renews the soil while providing nutritious nutrients for consumers. Conventional farming is contains quite a lot of pesticides and chemicals, but there is a factor of it called Genetically Modified Food (GMOs). These are crops whose genetics have been modified so that it would survive different conditions and seasons. It does not use chemicals or pesticides, but many are skeptical as these crops seem like “Frankenstein Seeds”, and the outcome may be unknown. Farmers use this method because it is easier to grow and provides more for the population, but not necessarily beneficial to the world. Conventional and Genetically modified both put harmful antibiotics into their products, which do not benefit the environment or us. Farming Organic farming must be sustained and become the norm so agriculture can be sustained/ environmentally-friendly while supporting the entire human population and the generations to come. Conventional farming is usually a dark landscape confining large volumes of animals and crops. Planes and machines spray immense amounts of pesticides and other poisonous chemicals onto the fields, which end up where it shouldn’t, such as in water supplies. Animals are unable to move their heads through the bars that imprison them and their only activity every day is eating the inhumane food they are supplied. Some farmers believe that this is the only way to go as the livestock are supposedly healthier through large intakes of antibiotics, crops cannot be devoured by pests, and food could be produced and distributed to the human population more efficiently. However, they hide the dismal reality. The livestock that consumers intake could become immune to antibiotics, which means both the animal and the human will become sick with disease that has grown stronger and could only be cured with last resort medicines. The farmers, in fact, are not aware of what is inside the mix they are feeding to the livestock and it disrupts the design of nature. A monoculture is also evident in conventional farming, which is the cultivation of a large amount of a certain species in one area. This is dangerous as diseases and infections could be spread and are strengthened because there is poor sanitation. Not only are there plenty of illnesses but also the excretion is dumped into the waters ruining the surrounding environment. The conditions of the livestock are inhumane; chickens have their beaks and claws cut off while pigs’ tails are chopped. 90% of the Earth’s diversity is lost in this process and soil depletion is expanded. Animals and people are exploited, and the ecosystem is constantly in hazard’s way from all the antibiotics, illnesses and the waste polluting our water.



Organic Farming is one of the healthiest methods of farming because it uses no fertilizers, pesticides, and artificial chemicals. Instead of using chemicals, they usually use homemade compost to fertilize the soil, which is better for the land, for the animals, and for us. Organic corn systems take 30% less energy than conventional but it also supplies less food for the global population. Since it produces a small amount of food and there are few farmers going organic, it is more expensive than conventional farmed goods even though it does not cost more to grow. Organic farming is eco-friendly and animal-friendly because farmers who go organic take care of their animals, and use them to nourish the land. Organic farmers believe that conventional farmers should embrace the “pigness of a pig, and cowness of a cow” and all the other types of farm animals. They believe that the people need to respect the animal as itself and providing their basic needs. Organic farming is known as the best option, but it’s usually not what the consumers buy because it is more expensive than conventional. Organic food not only is better for the environment but better for us, it provides us with plenty of healthy nutrients If money is no longer an issue than organic is the way to go because it is better for our population, the environment, and the animals we live off of. Solutions to Going Organic: Geofarm is one of the many companies or foundations that opposes conventional farming and the destruction of Earth. Their mission is to provide food and nutrition through organic farming. The founders of Geofarm, Yvonne Huver and her husband, believe that organic farming is sustainable, free and independent from fossil fuels, and “encourages food security, self-sufficiency, and poverty alleviation”. Everything they produce, even waste, can be reused, recycled, turned into something else, and even create income. But the humble founders are not concentrating on the profit they will receive, as they are an NGO. They are aiming towards educating others in the importance of organic farming. Living in harmony with nature is a bright alternative lifestyle and can benefit everyone. Another popular local organic store is called Healthy Options, with two of its chain stores are on High Street in Fort Bonifacio and in the Powerplant Mall (Level 2, Archaeology Wing, Rockwell Center, Makati City). Their aim, as written on their site, states, “We aim to offer only the best, most nutritious, and healthiest products that benefit people and our planet – with no preservatives, no additives, no artificial ingredients”. They are a truly organic company and are labeled organic by the Filipino government. Their staff not only has exceptional service, but they also have solutions to their customers’ health needs. (http://www.healthyoptions.com.ph/) Also, Greenearth Heritage Foundation is a organization which grows organic food, harvests it on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and delivers it directly to one’s house within 24 to 28 hours. The minimum amount to order is five bags of vegetables, but one bag costs only 45 pesos. This organization collects and sells vegetables from farmers, and they ensure that every single peso earned from selling the vegetables goes to the farmers. (http://www.greenearthheritage.org/how-to-order/) One can make a huge difference just by eating organic food rather than the accustomed conventional farming. Though the food served seems to be the same, each dish contains its own backstory. One should be reminded of all the effort farmers, crops, the animals, and Earth had suffered to produce what one is eating. By eating organic, you can provide a better environment for future generations and species, and the Earth can smile once more. By S. Johnson, Y. Konishi, J. Zhang

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