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50 Debate Prompts for Kids

50 Debate Prompts for Kids

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Having to do volunteer
work isn’t volunteering at
all.Volunteer work should
not be a part of schoolwork.Many
students don’t have time to volunteer.
They are too busy with homework and
activities.There’s plenty of time to
volunteer once you’re an adult.Besides,
there are lots of kinds of volunteering.
Many teens volunteer at home—
babysitting,cooking,and cleaning.No
forced volunteering!

Some people think that passing all your classes is enough of a reason to graduate.
What do you think?

Write Now:Make a list of two to three places where you would like to be a
volunteer. What kinds of things could you do if you volunteered at these places?


Your Turn!


50 Debate Prompts for Kids © Daley & Dahlie, Scholastic Teaching Resources

n the past five years,the school board in
New Orleans has changed the names of 22
schools. Why? Because the board opposes
schools that were named for anyone who did
not respect equal rights for all.
The problem is that some of these schools
were named for some pretty famous people.
The list includes important war heroes and
political leaders. George Washington was
even on the list because he was a slave owner!
So the New Orleans school board renamed
George Washington Elementary for Dr.

Charles Richard Drew,a famous African-
American surgeon.
But some people think this is going too far.
They agree schools shouldn’t support things
like slavery. But they also think that people
like George Washington deserveto be
remembered. After all,they say,he did make
major contributions to our country.
How do you feel? Should all schools named
for slave owners be renamed?

We should not honor
anyone who owned a
slave.If a school is named
after a person who owned a slave,the
name should be changed.It doesn’t
matter who it is.Naming schools after
slave owners sends a terrible message
to kids.It tells them that people today
don’t care about the pain that some of
our American ancestors suffered in


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