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The time is like...

The time is like...

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Published by Petra Ciobotaru

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Published by: Petra Ciobotaru on Dec 07, 2012
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[Petruța Elena Ciobotaru, 2002


The time is like...

The time is like stars: You know it’s there, but you cannot touch it! The time is like birds: Flies over our heads without caring! The time is like a hurricane: Leaves behind it a changed world! The time is like the sky: Lies upon us, infinitely... The time is like the sea: Mysterious and hard to explore... The time is like thoughts: Mystic and holy! The time is like love: Once lost cannot be regained! The time is like the clouds: You cannot catch it, it goes through your fingers! The time is like tears: Sometimes hard to master! The time is like waves: It runs uninterrupted, aimlessly! The time is like us: So complex and unpredictable ... The time is like me: Difficult to understand and impossible to stop!

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