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Make Money From Home

Make Money From Home

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Published by: nancyabel3497 on Feb 03, 2009
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It is important not to forget to manage your pricing structure. This could be necessary for any
number of reasons some of which we will go over right now.

• Slow sellers may need to have a price reduction to meet the other listings for the same item.
There is no reason to have to keep re-listing items because your prices are a bit too high.

• Quick selling items or super hot items that have been consistently selling fast may allow a
slight price increase. Take care when increasing the prices to your customers. Too great of an
increase will turn away return customers and won't do much to entice new customers.

• Holiday seasons may warrant an increase in the price of your items if they are relevant to the
season coming up. If you sell costumes year round you may want to increase pricing a few weeks
before Halloween. A teddy bear online store may want to increase prices before Valentine’s Day.
An online store selling just about anything may want to increase their prices right around the
Christmas holiday. While these are all good suggestions it's also important to note when it isn't
justified. The costume store shouldn't raise their prices before any holiday except Halloween and
possibly Christmas.

• Seasonal pricing is very common in the retail trade. You will need to lower your prices during
the off season for your item and raise them again during its peak season. For example, a snow
sports online store will have to lower prices during the summer and raise them during the winter.

• Clearance sales, intended to help clear your inventory for new items and free up extra capitol,
are a good time to lower prices.

Keep in mind that any market has its ups and downs (with the exception of the entertainment
industry, movie studios, music studios, etc...). You need to be prepared to adjust your prices

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