December 4, 2012 President Barack Obama The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20510 Dear Mr.

President: We write to encourage the continued cooperation between the federal government, New York State and New York City that is essential after the destruction left by Hurricane Sandy. The work your Administration has done in the storm’s aftermath and your strong personal commitment to New York’s recovery is admirable. We are concerned that the many agencies involved in the recovery will not have sufficient resources available for such a costly and lengthy effort. To achieve a full recovery, the federal government must provide the necessary assistance to New Yorkers whose lives have been upended by the storm, including the small businesses that were damaged or destroyed. That funding will continue to provide disaster business loans, stabilize the region’s transportation infrastructure, and help with cleanup efforts. With the costs of recovery still not clear, we hope your Administration will publicly support all necessary funding to ensure an expeditious recovery. While the appointment of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan to oversee the distribution of federal resources is a great first step, those resources must be made available for him to work with. It is imperative that New York does not experience a long-term economic downturn from the storm. An economically depressed New York, no matter how temporarily, will have severe consequences throughout the nation. Although the final costs of the storm are unknown, the amount will be in excess of what the federal government has currently pledged. We request that the Office of Management and Budget submit an amendment for disaster relief needs to the Fiscal Year 2013 budget request for federal disaster-assistance programs. We hope moving forward that your 2014 budget request will also take into account the assistance needed by all victims of Sandy for what is expected to be a prolonged and difficult recovery. We look forward to working with your Administration and Secretary Donovan to ensure that New Yorkers receive the full federal support they require and are entitled to in a major disaster area. Sincerely,

Grace Meng Member-Elect

Hakeem Jeffries Member-Elect

Sean Patrick Maloney Dan Maffei Member-Elect Member-Elect

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