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General Rehabilitative approach in the neurological conditions.
General Rehabilitative approach in the neurological conditions.

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Published by: pralhad on Feb 03, 2009
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NEUROLOGICAL DISORDER AND REHABILITATIVE APPROACH Neurological disorder is becoming very common nowadays.

Some of us might have faced in the family or in their surroundings with the neurological problems. It is due to increased urbanization, sedative life, increased rate of accident, food habit, increased depression and stress, involvement of hereditary disorder, congenital problems and many more. We can broadly divide the neurological disorder into two groups:

1) Upper motor neuron disorder (UMN)-Under spastic category 2) Lower motor neuron disorder(LMN)-Under flaccid category

We can generalise the neurological disorder into followings:

1) Infectious disorder: Encephalitis, Meningitis, Polio, Epidural abscess etc.

2) Trauma : Head injury,spinal cord injury(Rx depend upon the level of lesions)

3) Neuromuscular disorder : Facial palsy, Bell's palsy,Cervical spondylosis, Carpel tunnel syndrome, Peripheral neuropathy, Diabetic neuropathy, Muscular dystrophy, Mysathenia gravis, Gullian Barre Syndrome etc.

4) Degenerative disorders: Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Huntington's chorea, Alzheimer's Disease etc.

5) Functional disorders: Headache, Seizure, Dizziness, Neuralgia etc.

General Neurological Rehabilitation Program:

1. Promote activity of daily living (ADL)

2. Gait, Posture and Balance training

3. Speech therapy

4. Bladder and Bowel training

5. Counseling

6. Improve muscle and balance training in different parts of the body, Starting from head, Shoulder girdle, Trunk, Pelvis, Lower extremities

7. Therapeutic exercises to improve function, movement, coordination, range of motion

8. Reduce spasticity, flaccidity by the mobilization, manipulation

9. Reduce pain by the electrical modalities

10. Improve Respiration by different Respiratory techniques

11. Social skill training

12. Improve cognition impairments like difficulty in Concentration, Attention, Coordination, Judgement etc

13. Education regarding the patients problem and awareness of their disease

14. Proper home advice

Above mentioned points are all the basic therapeutic programmes for the neurological conditions. I hope this programs may aware my readers about the Neurological problems and its rehabilitation in general. I hope this will benefit the patient from my effort through your voice and help.Only clinical advice has to be followed in the home Lets approach the patient with empathetic approach rather then sympathetic.

(Written by: Anupama Poudel

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