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Published by: Jackeline on Dec 07, 2012
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He Lost Control Ian Douglass was a young man who lived in Manchester City. His career was lead singer for the band delight separation. The band was his life and his joy. He dedicated most of the time writing beautiful lyrics for the band.
His voice had a dark tone but it captivated all his audience. He was married to Debbie Douglass. He loved her so much like he’d never love anyone before. He was afraid that this rock star life was going to get in the way of his private life so they decided to go up north to buy an isolated house in the woods. One evening, Ian went to practice with the band. Debbie stayed home because she caught the flu and was ill. As he was walking in the foggy, windy night he heard a whisper calling him. Ian decided to ignore it and continue to walk with a faster pace. He kept hearing the whisper and became concern. He started walking faster and faster until he saw himself running away; running away from a ferocious creature which Ian only saw the shadow of. BOOM! He was jumped by some sort of dog, and blacked out in the middle of the road. He woke up and knew he wasn’t human anymore. His vision was different, his skin color was luminous; he was an animal. He wanted to tell someone! But he knew he couldn’t tell anyone; he didn’t want to be a freak. The band started touring Europe and Ian started having tantrums on stages. The audience thought it was part of the show but he knew the animal was taking control of him. He knew the only way to stop his misery was by dying. He didn’t want to be this animal anymore. But he didn’t want to shatter the dreams of his band which was to tour the USA. Ian started feeling isolated and he lost complete control of his body. One late night, he had an argument with Debbie. He loved her, which was the only reason he didn’t kill her and shatter her into pieces right then and there. On May 18, he left the house. Nobody ever found him, nobody knows where is at today. The band members moved on, and created a new band called Old Order and they made it to the USA.

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