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Thanks. Here are some follow-up questions: * Was the documentation error related to the suspected transfusion complications? * Did that patient suffer harm? * Do I understand correctly that the failures to investigate related to the maternity and cardiac patient deaths? * When did Parkland report the transfusion matter and the deaths to DSHS? * Has Parkland since conducted the required internal investigations? If so, what did you learn from them? * Has Parkland made any changes as a result of these matters -- for example, by adding supervision or restricting use of any medication? * What was the title of the person who prescribed the metoprolol to the cardiac patient? APN? MD? If MD, was the prescriber a resident? If so, what was his/her postgraduate year, and was a UTSW faculty doctor physically present and supervising? * Did Parkland report the deaths to the medical examiner? Brooks Egerton The Dallas Morning News

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