Beacon Holiday Sing-a-Long!

You are warmly invited to join our Holiday Sing-a-Long on Wednesday, December 19th from 1:00 – 2:15 pm at La Palma Central Park, 7821 Walker St., La Palma 90623. Each class will be leading a holiday song for all of our guests and participants to sing-a-long! If your child is transported by Beacon, we request that you allow Beacon to provide transportation home to maintain consistency (this event is like a field trip). Please fill out the bottom of this flyer and return it to your child’s teacher by Wednesday, December 12th.
Student’s name ____________________________________ _____ I will be attending the Beacon Holiday Sing-a-Long and bringing #______ guests. _____ I would like to help by bringing peanut-free finger foods. I will bring____________________________________ _____ I would like to help with planning prior to the Holiday Sing-a-Long, so e-mail me at ______________________________________________ _____ I would like to help with setting up/decorating/games/cleaning up on the day of the event. _____ I will not be able to participate in the Sing-A-Long event. Your name _______________________________________________ Phone # ________________ For additional information please contact Juli Inagi at