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. These disks are designed with children ages 2 – 5, but they can be used with any age group for “fun”. I had a blast creating this disk for you to use in your child care / preschool / home setting. I ask that you have fun with this disk, and let me know what you think. All feedback is appreciated. You can reach me at:

Jean – JeanieB506@aol.com Or JeanieB506@comcast.net

Thanks Again! Jean

com/ Refer all inquires to: Jean – JeanieB506@aol. in paper or digital format.1 – 2 – 3 Learn Curriculum grants permission to owners to print and modify these pages for their home and single classroom use only. Please contact me if you have any questions. 1 – 2 – 3 Learn Curriculum is suitable for children ages 2 to 5.net . Special Thanks to all the graphic artists for their permission and license to display their graphics on the pages of “1 – 2 – 3 Learn Curriculum.com or JeanieB506@comcast. Please check the bottom of each page for credit. Please do not share on e-mail lists or through websites. http://123learncurriculum. These pages cannot be otherwise distributed or sold.

All you need to do is load the disk and print up the sheets that you would like to use each day.net http://123learncurriculum.com/ Graphic used: PCHugware. This helps to eliminate waste! There is a Blank weekly calendar for you to print up and use when planning your weekly schedule.1 – 2 – 3 Learn Curriculum Preschool curriculum for early childhood educators.com .com Or JeanieB506@comcast. child care professionals and parents. Print up and keep track of the sheets you use during this theme. Jean JeanieB506@aol. 1 – 2 – 3 Learn Curriculum was developed by a fellow child care provider to provide you with an easy and fun preschool program.

Materials to Have On Hand The items listed below are standard items that you would have in your child care / preschool setting. Markers Crayons Colored Pencils Paints (Assorted Colors) Construction Paper (Assorted colors and Sizes) Drawing Paper Card Stock (White) Finger paints Paint brushes (various sizes) Play dough Washable ink pads Yarn Hole Punch Brads Pocket folders Scissors Stapler Ruler Glue and glue sticks Tape Paint smock / shirt per child Popsicle sticks A great time to load up on supplies is right before school starts in the fall. Stores then carry a larger assortment of school supplies. Keep an inventory and up-date your supplies as needed.com . 1 – 2 – 3 Learn Curriculum Graphics used: countryclipart.

that included worksheets. My children have grown up in child care. a group of providers that meet monthly for training. and so created 1 .3 Learn Curriculum. I wanted to have a program where I could print up what I wanted. 2005 Graphic Used: www. and more.Jean . and finally started in September of 2003. I was hoping there was other providers out there that was also interested in the type of program I wanted. I work on the EPN web site.Treasures of the Heart Child Care I am a fellow child care provider. Welcome Friends! Copyright. I have 3 grown children and 5 grandchildren.2 . and not have waste. I’ve had the desire for years to put together a theme related disk program. You never can get to much information.jersgirl. ideas. and theme boxes. and also in my venture of curriculum. I'm also a member of several child care lists on-line. I have been an in-home child care provider since 1985 in MN.com . 1 – 2 – 3 Learn Curriculum. I have had the support of my husband in the child care field. I currently belong to the Eastside Providers Network. I found that what I wanted to use as a program for my child care just wasn't out there. I wanted the program to be theme related.

There are also additional blank “Manner” notes for you to use during the theme to send home any additional notes. (Also a reminder note for children to wear or bring the color purple). (Depends on how many sheets you want to do per day / per week). This will give parents a visual reminder what theme the children will be working on.net This section of the “Manners” theme will explain a few of the items included on this disk.com Or JeanieB506@comcast. Cover Sheet: The cover sheet is something that can be printed up and hung on your bulletin board. Parent Letter: Parent letters are in the format of Child Care / Preschool / Daycare. 2005 Graphic used: countryclipart. This will tell the parents that the theme will go for 1 week or 2 weeks.com . Use one of the parent letters the Friday before you start this theme. Copyright.Manners Jean JeanieB506@aol. 1 – 2 – 3 Learn Curriculum. (Depending on the term you use). Look at what is included in this disk before you decide how long the theme will run. You can place this cover sheet in a page protector.

laminated and hung up during this theme. yarn or shoe laces to lace. The B & W sets can be a project for the children also. Have an adult punch holes and using string the children can lace the cards. please print up on white card stock and laminate. For more durability. color. Give the children lacing strings. You can use with contact paper or self laminating sheets to put the file folders together. or print up a set for each child as an extra craft.com Flashcards: There are color and B & W flashcards. Lacing strings can be purchased through Discount School Supply. 1 – 2 – 3 Learn Curriculum . shape heart. Pick the one you want to use. Large Wall Flashcards: The color purple. Lacing Cards: Children love lacing cards.File Folder Games: There are several file folder games for this theme. Print up on white card stock. Use Velcro when applicable to keep the game pieces in place. laminate and punch holes around the cards using a hole punch. Give each child one of the B & W lacing cards. leaving at least ½ inch border. You can print up the color sets. You have the option of printing up in color or B & W to color yourself and keep with your “Manners” theme. leaving at least ½ inch border. cut out.discountschoolsupply. The B & W set can also be used as a craft for the children. http://www. Print these up on regular printing paper. let them color. trim and laminate to save on ink. cut out. These can be printed up on white card stock. trim and laminate. You can also use the B & W set. You can also use the B & W sheets as extra worksheets for the children. number 6 and letter X is available in both color and B & W. There are 2 formats for the flashcards.

The children can play Tic Tac Manners just like Tic Tac Toe. Let the children have their own Tic Tac Manners game). Sight Words: Children learn much of their alphabet through recognitation and repetition. Directions for use are included on the sight word sheet. (Both sheets). Make the book available in your Reading Center or an area of easy access for the children to look at during this theme. Recommended Book Lists: Each theme disk comes with a list of suggested reading. shape and number. These come in both color and B & W. (B & W can also be used as a craft. Included on the Manners disk is preschool sight words. Use the Library check out sheet in the Manners Printable’s for this purpose.Out Sheet: What better way to have children develop the love of reading than to make available to them books to check out and read. Tic Tac Manners: Print up on white card stock. color. 1 – 2 – 3 Learn Curriculum Graphics used: countryclipart. This includes letter. Pick a day of the week and have a “Library Day”.com .Worksheets: All themes come with theme related worksheets. Library Check . You can go to the library and get some of the books on the list to go with your theme or purchase through your local book store to keep with your theme.

let them pick a sticker to place on the folder. A great way is to send home their projects on Fridays. Print up on white card stock..com . (Color purple). and use the Friday Folder Sheet in the “Manners” – printables. I hope you have as much fun with “Manners” as I had putting it together…. Ring Book: There is a clip book. and they love to share their art work with their parents or family members. attach sheets together to create a book.Friday Folders: Children are proud of the projects they do. Thanks Jean 1 – 2 – 3 Learn Curriculum Graphics used: countryclipart. When children return the folders the following Monday. Place the child’s work in the folder each day and send home on Friday. Punch a hole on each sheet and using a key ring. Print up and glue to the front of the pocket folder. trim and laminate for more durability. Use a pocket folder.

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