Research Methodology (MB0050) PART A 1) Research is a ___________ Endeavour.

A) Scientific B) Systematic C) Original D) Real 2) ____________ is the hallmark of the scientific method. A) Connectivity B) Ethical neutrality C) Generalization D) Commitment of objectivity 3) According to ___________ “All progressive is born of inquiry.” A) Alfred Marshall B) P.V Narsinmharao C) R.K Narayan D) Hudson Maxim 4) Newton’s contribution and Galileo’s contribution are the example of ____________. A) Applied Research B) Pure Research C) Action Research D) Evaluation studies 5) Which research is type of evaluation study? A) Action Research B) Pure Research C) Applied Research D) Experimental Research 6) According to ______________, measurement is “the assignments of numerals to object or events according to rules.” A) Hudson Maxim B) Alfred Marshall C) P.V Narismnrao D) Stevens

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7) Which measurement is the most powerful level of measurement? A) Nominal Measurement B) Ordinal Measurement C) Ratio Measurement D) Interval Measurement 8) ______________ and reliability do not always go together. A) Properties B) Validity C) Linearity D) Connectivity 9) Different research situation require different levels of _______________. A) Linearity B) Validity C) Connectivity D) Reliability 10) The selection of problem is a _____________ in research. A) First Step B) Second Step C) Third Step D) Fourth Step 11) ___________ is factual observations which other observes can second check. A) Accuracy B) Verifiable evidence C) Objectivity D) Recoding 12) _____________ is jotting down complete details as quick as possible. A) Controlling Conditions B) Recording C) Training investigators D) Systematization

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3 19) What is the indicator of null hypothesis? A) H1 B) H3 C) H0 D) H5 20) What is the indicator of alternative hypothesis? A) Ha B) Hb C) He D) HD 21) What is variable? A) A magnitude that remain stable. Refer a friend & Win Assured Cash Prizes + Gifts (LCD TV. A) Null hypothesis B) Alternative hypothesis C) Research hypothesis D) Variable hypothesis 23) Experiment. A) AICC B) AMA C) AC D) CIA 24) A research design is _________ and ______________ plan prepared for directing a research.Research Methodology (MB0050) 13) _________________ is describing what really exist.halo. historical and inferential design are the elements of _____________. C) Fixed and variable magnitude D) A longitude that varies. its known as ________. IPOD) for details visit www.” A) Feynes B) Robert Marshal C) Peter Hyene D) Kerlinger 18) _______________ is an assumption about relation between variables. 22) When a prediction or a hypothesized relationship is tested by adopting scientific methods. “a hypothesis is a tentative statement asserting a relationship between certain A) Logical and systematic B) Efficient and powerful C) Clear and understandable D) Real and true 25) What is Experience Survey? A) People with vast experience B) People with theoretical experience C) People with practical experience D) None of the above. A) Objectivity B) Accuracy C) Systematization D) Precision 14) Journals are _______________ research problems . A) Research B) Probability C) Permutation D) Hypothesis MBAN2 . 16) According to Theadorson and ____________. Laptop.” A) Marshall B) Co’onnel C) Peter D) Theadorson 17) ________________ describes it as a “conjectural statement of the relationship between two or more Page 2 of 7 . B) A magnitude that varies. A) Sources of research B) Sources of law C) Sources of society D) Sources of problem 15) A Problem well put is _____________. A) Yet to solve B) Totally solved C) Half solved D) None.

Laptop. A) Precession B) Accuracy C) Degree D) Size 36) ______________ serves as the base of raw materials for analysis. A) William Healey B) Robert Griffins C) John Dollard D) Frederick Leplay. A) Frederick gender B) Frederick marsh C) Frederick leplay D) Fredrick tom 27) Who was the first social philosopher who used case study in comparative studies of different cases? A) Herbert Spencer B) Frederick Healey C) William Healey D) Spartan Frick 28) Who have used the case study in the study of “Juvenile delinactency”? A) Herbert Spencer B) William Healey C) Robert Griffins D) Frederick Leplay 29) The Subject must be viewed as a _________ in a Cultural Studies. B) Heterogeneous unit C) Population D) Majority 33) ____________ technique give each element an equal and independent chance of being selected. A) Homogenous units. A) Collection of Data B) Study of data C) Sorting of Data D) Survey. 31) If the Population to be studied is alight large ______________ is warranted A) Sampling B) Packing C) Recording D) Analyzing MBAN2 .Research Methodology (MB0050) 26) The major credit for introducing case study method in to social investigation goes to _____________. IPOD) for details visit www. 35) ____________ is defined as the degree to which basis about from the sample.halo. A) Suitability B) Sensitivity C) Probability D) Integration. A) The Records B) The Data C) The Survey D) The Questioner 37) The Search for answers to research questions is called Refer a friend & Win Assured Cash Prizes + Gifts (LCD TV.3 32) Part of ___________ is known as sample. A) A) Stratified random sampling B) Proportionate stratified sampling C) Simple random sampling D) Systematic random sampling 34) Probability Sampling is based on the theory of ____________. A) Comprehension B) Subject line C) Specimen D) Index 30) _______________ has proposed seven criteria for evaluating such Page 3 of 7 .

only when it is based on evidence. C) Knowledge Awareness Principle D) Knowledge Awareness Prediction.3 39) What is the meaning of (KAP) Studies? A) Knowledge Accuracy Practice B) Knowledge Awareness Practice. 40) _______________ if available can be served quickly and cheaply. A) Developing title B) Developing Deed C) Developing Contract D) Developing ethics. 45) Content Validity has two type ________________. C) Two tailed and three tailed test. 47) The process of defining a problem includes _____. 44) Sampling validity is also based on the judgment and subjective evaluation of both the ___________ and_________. D) None of the above. A) Conclusion B) Interpretation C) Truth D) None of the above 42) Research aids planning and thus contributes to _______________ A) Planning and rural Development B) Planning and national development C) Organization and national development D) Organizing and rural development 43) Reliability refers to the ability of a measuring scale to provide ______ and ________ results A) Real and reliable B) Consistent and accurate C) Consistent and reliable D) Real and accurate. 8) _________ and __________ have given characteristics of scientific research. Refer a friend & Win Assured Cash Prizes + Gifts (LCD TV. D) None of the above. IPOD) for details visit www. A) Face Validity and sampling validity B) Sampling Validity and rendering validity C) Face Validity and commending validity. D) None of the above. A) Researcher’s Interest and researcher’s competence B) Researcher’s interest and goal. A) Secret test and confidential test B) Two tailed test and one tailed test. Laptop.Research Methodology (MB0050) 38) ______________ are directly collected by the researcher from their original sources. C) Researcher’s goal and objective. A) Primary Data B) Secondary Data C) Original Data D) Source of Data PART B 41) _____________ is Page 4 of 7 .co. D) None of the above. 49) Those are the two types of test. A) Marsh and Marsh B) Drogue and Cobbler C) Horton and Hunt D) None of the above. C) Optimize data D) Source of Data MBAN2 . A) Primary Data B) Secondary Data. A) Debtor and creditor B) Depositor and outside experts C) Researchers and outside experts. 46) Internal Criteria consists of _________________.

B-3. A) The principle of replication and local control B) The principle of conservation C) The principle of hypothesis D) None of the above. A-3.3 56) _______ means random selection of sampling units consisting of population elements.4) SOCIAL PHENOMENA 1) 2) 3) 4) Page 5 of 7 . 59) Primary data are ___________ Information A) Original and real B) Second hand C) First hand D) None of the above 60) Following are the important methods for observation. A) Complete research studies. A-1. D) None of the above. 53) A research design is a __________ and ____________ place. C-3.1) LOCAL CONTROLL B) RB DESIGN IPOD) for details visit www. B-2. B) The principal of conservation C) The principal of hypothesis. A) T. A) Interviewing and mail survey. 54) Exploratory research studies are also called ______________.Determination C) T.3) AGRICULTURE RESEARCH D) FACTORIAL--------. B) Mail Survey and experimentation C) Simulation and mail survey D) None of them. A) Data collection B) Case Studies. PART C 61) T. Laptop. 51) Following are the principles of Experimental Designs. 55) ____________ is a method of exploring and analyzing the life of a social Unit. 58) The sources of data may be classified into: A) Primary sources and secondary sources B) Original sources and secondary sources. A) The principal of replication and local control. A-4.Test is based on ______________.2) RANDOM OMIZATION C) LS DESIGN --------. A) Conceptual clarity and testability B) Conceptual clarity and ethics C) Testability and ethics D) None of the above. C-1. A) Random Sampling B) Duster sampling C) Area sampling D) Multiphase sampling 57) Precision is measured by ___________ standard error. B) Formulative research studies C) Data collection D) None of the Above. D-4 D-4 D-2 D-4 Refer a friend & Win Assured Cash Prizes + Gifts (LCD TV.Descreamination B) T.halo. C) Hypothesis D) Research MBAN2 . C) Primary Sources and Original Sources. A) Closed B) Open C) Ethical D) None of the above.Distribution D) None of the Above. C-3. C-1. D) None of the above. B-2.Research Methodology (MB0050) 50) Following are the types of good hypothesis. B-1. 62) Match the following? A) CR DESIGN --------.

IPOD) for details visit www. B. B AND D 2) B. Laptop. C AND D 3) A AND B 4) C AND D 5) B AND D. A) It is original A) Controlled B) Participant C) Observed D) Limited 71) Observation involves ____________ of observational Techniques. B) It flexible to the advantage of researcher C) It reacquires expensive research personal who are skilled. B) Research Design C) Experimental design D) Commercial Design 64) Life histories should have been written for Page 6 of 7 . A) Standardization B) Diversities C) Modernization D) Liberalization. A) Retail Sampling B) Random sampling C) Convenient sampling D) Data sampling MBAN2 . A) Product design. C 2) ALL OF THE ABOVE 3) ONLY D 4) ONLY C. A) Economists B) Geologists C) Historians D) Engineers 66) Which one of the following is not the sampling procedure? A) Purpose of the survey B) Measurability C) Degree of precision D) Government returns 1) A. 67) Quota sampling is form of ______________. D) Extensive research study is based on primary data 69) A method is different from a ____________.3 68) Following are the advantages of primary data. 65) _____________ have used case study method for portraying some historical character. 72) Which of this following is not a part of Questionnaires? A) Personal Delivery B) Mail Survey C) New stands Interest D) Research 1) A. A) Skilled person B) Poor person C) Knowledge person D) Ill person.Research Methodology (MB0050) 63) Principle of local control is the important principle of ____________. Choose the correct exception. Refer a friend & Win Assured Cash Prizes + Gifts (LCD TV.halo. A) Tool B) Management C) Technique D) Survey. 70) Data collected by observation may describe ___________ phenomena.

Laptop.Research Methodology (MB0050) 73) Standardized Questionnaire is also called Page 7 of 7 . IPOD) for details visit www. A) Structured Questionnaire B) Unstructured 74) Depth interview is generally a ____________ procedure. A) Easy B) Lengthy C) Obsessional D) Direct 75) Co – efficient of quartile deviation = A) (Q3 – Q1) / (Q3 + Q1) B) Q3-Q C) Q3 + Q1 D) None of the above Refer a friend & Win Assured Cash Prizes + Gifts (LCD TV.halo. C) Real Questionnaire D) Classical Questionnaire MBAN2 .

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