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It's crisis, it's time for more!

It's crisis, it's time for more!

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Published by Petra Ciobotaru



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Published by: Petra Ciobotaru on Dec 08, 2012
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It’s crisis, it’s time for more!

Not all about this crisis is bad! Not all about the crisis is wrong! Not all about this crisis is to be blamed! And still, we are all used to complain about its effects. But, honestly, is this crisis, really guilty for all our failures, is this crisis the real culprit, or it is, maybe, we who don’t manage to step forward, in these harsh times? Well, it might be little of both… Let’s think! When the crisis first hit us, almost 5 years ago, most of us got scared and thought that there will be no bright future in front of us. Not anymore! Some decided to surrender, to give up the fight, sell everything they owned (if they could still find an interested buyer out there) and live as long as possible, from those transactions. Others stood still and waited the bane to pass, hoping that eventually, they will return to their old lives. And there were a few who understood that surrendering or waiting, was not the path to take, anymore! There were a few who sensed that a new age has arrived. And they were right! There were a few who understood that the new keys to success are flexibility and adaptability! Those who, instead, have not realize it, are the nowadays fighters against the flow. And that is hard! And useless. “Be part of the system, or the system will repel you!” There’s nothing new on that, but how many of us know to apply this saying into their favor? How many of us know how to be part of the system, without being enslaved? Well, not to many, unfortunately! Furthermore, there are some people thinking that being part of the system is equal to being a modern slave. They are (only partially) right! There is a way, a unique and challenging way of being free, without having to fight against the flow: It is called entrepreneurship! Entrepreneurship it’s not a 21st’s century figment, and yet many of us do avoid it. Why? I am not stating that being an entrepreneur it’s a tailor-made solution for all of us, I am just saying that entrepreneurship can be an alternative. You decide! “But there is a lot of entrepreneurial failure out there!” you will say. So why even bother? Well, this occurs just because, some of us didn’t yet understand that being an entrepreneur is not being a boss but being a thorough worker! Some of us didn’t yet understand that owning a business is not owning a bottomless bag full of money. The biggest trap of entrepreneurship is that owning a business seems easy, fun and catching! And yet, being an entrepreneur is about leaving behind the certainties and facing the unknown! Being an entrepreneur is about courage, skills, and sustained hard work, is about you leading others and others following you. And when you are at the lead, you have to know what you're doing! Must! Entrepreneurship it’s not easy, it can bring you a lot of failures, but can also bring satisfactions! It only depends on how hard you try, how much you endeavor and how much you believe in your ideas, before giving up!

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