elevate your morality, ennoble Eros.

The less dependent you become on others' approval for your morality, the less you are influenced by their opinions, rejections and reactions. Whatever your morality, permit it to others as you love yourself. This will help you forgive yourself and others for mistakes made. Gifts are for-giving. Lastly, by defining virtue in your own terms, proceed silently, lest you confuse your virtue for public justice and judge the human beings around you.

A "spiritual person" is one who lives consciously in the midst of great uncertainty, mystery and singularity because she/he is willing to embody it. This might be something like being the main character in a novel you are writing about a person who is wandering through a novel that is writing itself. If we are willing to "be written" then we are able "to write." If we are willing to be shaped, then we are ready to shape. When we are ready to be created, then and only then are we prepared to create. Who do you want to be?

simple recognition of your social needs... to belong, to he accepted, to be loved.

one untouched by social obligation, personal judgements and intellectual discourse.

Rapture and Ritual. Charisma is the natural expression of a hedonically integrated personality.

The prerequisite for entering CHARISMA TRAINING is the quiet acceptance of ones own exceptional nature and the graceful surrender to the accolades of becoming a "star." Everybody Is A Star. To know and live this begins the process of CHARISMA TRAINING.

Charisma communicates Sensory Intelligence and has the capacity for awakening somatic response in others. It is an animal magnetism reflecting a knowledge of deep pleasure and personal power. Charismatic individuals

are instruments of this pleasure, power and light-giving influence. Feeling good and shining are charismatic attributes and most people are automatically drawn towards what feels good and looks shiny.

it has an equal passion for giving it. Charisma is an ability to give your total, undivided attention . . . without fear, guilt or judgement involved. The more you are under the influence of your own energy, the more other people will tend to be, also... unless, of course, they are as deeply under the influence of their own source.

This makes it easier to be at home with ourselves, period... an essential ingredient for charisma.

As the persona polarizes, a type of "impersonal" quality emerges in the outward expression of the personality. A "public self" is formed... one that can be itself anywhere. It enables us to bring our radiant beings into the public to mingle socially, all the while awakening those we come in contact with to our beauty and hopefully, theirs. The electromagnetic process demonstrates charisma in still another light. If we run a current of electricity through a fibre cluster, or cable, a 360° magnetic field surrounds the cable. The thicker the insulation and fibre, the more juice we can run through it and the stronger the surrounding magnetic field. The human body is a sort of cable, or fibre cluster. The more alive, or "electrical," we are... the greater our magnetic field, or aura. We are as magnetic as we are alive. We can only take in as much Life and electricity as our "insulation" can contain. So, what is "human insulation"?

Graceful surrender to stardom — Radiating our unique nature — The knowledge of deep pleasure Act effortlessly and never try — Give your total, undivided attention — Be under the influence of your own energy by choice — Good timing, believe in yourself and what you're doing — Polarize your persona — Masculine/Feminine — Polarize your will — effect and be affected: be effective Polarize your emotions — the beauty of a flowing river — Wear your charisma like a necklace not a ball and chain — Never compete — Learn to appreciate your influence on others to be aware of it

In Fifth Grade, we are living for Pleasure, Fun and Beauty. In Fourth Grade, we are living for Social Acceptance. In Third Grade, we worship ideas . . . in Second Grade, our emotions and in First Grade, security.

With Leisure Time, our relationship with sexuality has the opportunity to completely shift and transform. Basically, the shift is one from social goalorientedorgasm emphasized sex to sensory leisure-oriented-pleasure emphasized sex. The former "socialized" sex reflects the overall compulsion to Get Somewhere, i.e., Going For The Big 'O' . . . while the latter understands there is no where to go, as everything is Here and Now.

Once we are hedonically integrated (having accepted pleasure as a value)

Floating in a boat without an anchor on a calm lake — Floating in an isolation tank for the rapture of it -- Receiving a full body massage for pleasure alone — Listening to your favorite somatic music on stereo headphones —Eliminate competition from your life and do things for fun — Be around people that just make you feel good and want to have fun — Remove meaning from your life for one hour, one day . . . relate simply to the forces of things rather than what you think about them . . . experience people, nature, environment as qualities & energies — Don't look at your watch or a clock for one hour, one day, etc... . and lose complete sense of linear time . . .
¸ritual 1) Taken from the word "root"; tilling the soil for seeding, 2) Any formal practice or custom intent upon maintaining tradition, 3) A repetitive action executed to attain a specific objective, 4) Any activity serving to enhance our sense of self and world, 5) A series of movement forms designed to alter the consciousness of the

participant and/or those in immediate proximity, 6) A physical and/or psychic set of instructions enabling the conscious and deliberate evocation of a particular energy, 7) A non-performance medium of meditative action dedicated to defining a scrupulous approach to the sacred, 8) Preparation for grace. One interesting aspect of programs is: If there's something in our lives that doesn't work anymore, it doesn't mean there's something WRONG with who we are because WE ARE NOT THE PROGRAM. Our programs may be out-dated or require adjustment but that doesn't necessitate selfcondemnation to rectify. As the Programmer, we learn to distinguish between who we are and the program we're following by knowing how to suspend judgment.

HAVE FUN, MAKE LOVE and SHARE BEAUTY Fifth Grade sexuality is not orgasm-oriented but a medium for prolonging pleasure, beauty and more fun. The art of effectively sharing fun, beauty and love is charismatic.

RAPTURE: The Art of Being High
Relax. Breathe. Relax, again. You don't have to figure anything out. Fifth Grade begins right where you are. There is no reason for rapture to exist... it is deep and meaningless. There's nowhere to go to find it. It can happen anywhere and anytime... while you are sitting, walking or rolling around on the floor. You can't make it happen but it does happen to you... it goes like that. The ticket is HERE and the entrance is NOW.

Rapture is what happens when we get out of the way and we are suddenly carried by the grace of more life. Rapture deepens if we surrender to Life in a state of grace. Rapture is the direct expression of being at one with Life... ourselves. This is a very happy place to be. It may feel like home ... or heaven... or as if your body is inside you. The curious phenomena about Rapture is that once we're there, there's no place to go! No goals, no future, no problem!

Sensory Intelligence is post-symbolic and beyond words, description and categorization. At best, words can refer us to and evoke the presence of our senses. The language of the senses is kinetic: Movement, Dance and Mime form its symbols of gesture, posture and attitude. The evocation of sounds conveying the delighted animal abound in

our sighs, whispers, blissful whimpers, bubbling laughter and whatever touches and permeates our senses.

How much can you give yourself over to this experience and let it envelop and encompass you . . . until you are at one with the sounds?

With so much Rapture, Bliss and Pleasure floating around, it's highly likely that our conditioned moral and ethical codes start acting up. Accelerated joy and happiness tends to be a "positive threat" to the unliving parts of ourselves and others. Sometimes, judgement acts as a kind of Social Security Release Valve when life gets too happy.

This is why Fifth Grade Homework entails the task of giving oneself permission to become completely selfish, just so we can follow through and graduate without other peoples' judgements, opinions and fears.

In Fifth Grade we can be justifiably self-centered because we know well have more to share later.

The first homework assignment in FIFTH GRADE is in finding your own way of surrendering to absolute pleasure. Pleasure comes in many flavors and because it does, there is no one prescribed way to go. Sensory Intelligence does, however, exhibit certain characteristics innate to itself like: Fun, Beauty, Love, Sensuality, Fluidity, Floating Sensations and feeling Happy Disconnected. This is because the nature of Rapture in its initial "absorption phase" is totally self-centered and unconcerned with social response-ability. Its focus is entirely dependent upon the "inner self" (not the "outer social self") for its source of energy, information and direction. Sensory Intelligence is internally dependent in a similar way that First Grade Physical Intelligence is externally dependent. Internal dependence requires a certain degree of self-empowerment. Internal dependence is in direct opposition to our conditioned, social needs for approval, acceptance and permission to be ourselves. From a sensory perspective, our need for outer confirmation occasionally poses as The Last Obstacle to self-empowerment.

Another justification for absolute pleasure, unbridled hedonism and delirious rapture is that it feels good.

One of the social "side-effects" Sensory Intelligence Agents face is the possibility of becoming moving targets for moral judgements hurled by resentful Fourth Graders . . . comments like: "You arrogant, self-centered asshole . . . " and "You're nothing but a narcissistic, self-indulgent space cadette..." and so forth Non-resistance means readjusting the awareness towards what is "right" instead of what is "wrong" about oneself, others and situations. It's an attitude de-emphasizing the pathology of an event and augmenting its best side. It works this way because it is non-judgemental and it searches for the highest degree of quality in whatever is going on.

When our Conceptual Minds are "blown away" by the vast panorama of Mythic Intelligence, it's up to us to re-stabilize our psychology by integrating the new outlook. "Social evolution occurs by defining for ourselves what friendship means. If friendship is only based in emotional support, ego-stroking or personal attraction, it falls apart whenever these conditions are withdrawn. Perhaps, a true friend is someone who, somehow, encourages us to be completely ourselves and occasionally challenges our "act" in order to touch our hearts."

What's deadly is our FEAR of: Making Mistakes, Taking Risks, and Being Awkward.

Adolescents anticipate their first sexual experience so much because that is when their sexual reality imprints itself. During the first genital embrace with another, the body learns to associate its sexuality with the conditions surrounding this event. For example: If the qualities of danger, uncertainty or pain prevailed, then a pattern was set up to need these conditions in order to be turned on sexually. If the first imprint was safe, loving and fulfilling, then these require replicating before getting tuned on. It is in this way that each person's sexual reality is different and beyond the judgement of others. The classic way to erase the old imprint and initiate a new one is in being

celibate for about three months or more and then engaging sexually only under preferred conditions: Whatever Turns You On and Gets You Hot. Without erasing an old imprint, its pattern will repeat itself throughout a number of lovers until a new imprint replaces it. As with any kind of re-imprinting, the more vulnerable you are, the deeper you will be impressed.

love is soulfood and without it, there would be no evolution possible

Religions are also designed to meet the social need for belonging, as well as the physical, emotional and conceptual needs for security, status and "knowledge." This kind of CHURCH offers members rewards from Grades One through Four: 1st Grade FOOD, SECURITY and PROTECTION; 2nd Grade STATUS, LAND and WORK; 3rd Grade MONEY, DOCUMENTS and MAPS; 4th Grade MEMBERSHIP, RELIGION and RETIREMENT.

It is a strange yet spiritual fact that certain people become friends for the purpose of ushering us to our True Self but once realized, can not remain with us because they were only there to help us arrive. Periods of high flux often serve to clarify who our real friends are and who was only there for the ride. Personality changes usually require an adjustment in self-image. "We learn to think of ourselves in different ways in order to integrate new information on who we actually are. If members of our social circles are unwilling to also change their minds about us. . .a natural discrepancy ensues, wherein we must choose between adapting to their image of us or our own."

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