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The Etheric Double - Arthur e Powell

The Etheric Double - Arthur e Powell

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Published by: shoeand on Dec 08, 2012
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This centre, the seventh, situated at the top of the head, is somewhat different in
construction from the other six. It is described in Indian books as the thousand-petalled lotus,
though the actual number of radiations of the primary force is 960. In addition to this, it
possesses a sort of subsidiary whirlpool or minor activity in its central portion, which has
twelve undulations of its own.

When fully alive, this chakram is perhaps the most resplendent of all, full of indescribable
chromatic effects and vibrating with almost inconceivable rapidity. The central portion is
gleaming white, flushed with gold in its heart.

The centre receives in its outer portion the violet ray which passes through the throat centre,
while in its central portion it receives the yellow ray from the heart centre.

The arousing of the corresponding astral centre rounds off and completes the astral life,
endowing a man with the perfection of his faculties.

With one type of individual, the astral chakrams corresponding to the sixth and seventh
etheric chakrams both converge upon the pituitary body, the latter organ being practically the
only direct link between the physical and higher planes.

With another type of person however, while the sixth chakram is still attached to the pituitary
body, the seventh is bent or slanted until it coincides with the atrophied organ known as the
pineal gland, which with people of this type becomes a line of direct communication with the
lower mental, without apparently passing through the intermediate astral plane in the
ordinary way. This explains the emphasis sometimes laid on the development of the pineal


Top of Head Centre

Central portion: "gleaming white, flushed with gold".
Outer portion:

"most resplendent of all, full of indescribable chromatic effects".
Number of "spokes": Central portion 12, outer portion 960.

Function of Astral Centre: perfects and completes faculties.
Function of Etheric Centre: gives continuity of consciousness.

The awakening of the etheric centre enables a man through it to leave the physical body in
full consciousness, and also to re-enter it without the usual break, so that his consciousness
will be continuous through night and day.

The real reason for tonsure, as practised by the Roman Church, was to leave uncovered the
brahmarandra chakram, so that there might be not even the slightest hindrance in the way of
psychic force which in their meditations the candidates were intended to try to arouse.

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