Photo Essay Title: Singapore Diversity

Singapore.. A country where people of different cultures make it their home…

Done By: Nur Afiqah Bte Abdul Rahman

A trip down Arab Street where buildings still has the essences of the shop houses in the past.

Masjid Sultan, a mosque that have not changed since the early years where kings and sultans still rule in Singapore.

Cathedral of The Good Shepherd, the oldest Roman Catholic church and place of worship of devoted Catholics people in Singapore.

Statue of the Virgin Mary and the Glorious Cross, given to the church by France, a country with a long history of Roman Catholicism.

The Chinese practice their religion in their home and temple and so they carried out their culture since they settled here in Singapore in the past.

Kwan Im Temple, a temple known for people receiving blessing of good luck from Kuan Yin Bodhisattva, the Goddess of Mercy.

The Indian migrants brought with them their belief and religion of Hinduism.

Sri Krishnan Temple is built to cater to the religious needs of a large Hindu community that established itself around the area of Bras Basah Road.

So we now know how migrant communities in the past makes up Singapore’s culture today..
…The End…
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