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If you would like to continue checking your essay for criteria on the rubric, use this page to do it.

Think of it as your guide to fulfilling requirements on the rubric. SO helpful, right?! Right. Moral Journey Paper Self-Editing Sheet Indicate whether your paper fulfills the following criteria. (C) completely; (S) somewhat; (N) not at all. After you indicate your answer. Move on to your strategies for improvements. It is in your best interest to be as thorough and specific as possible.

_____ Begins with a strong introduction and draws your reader into the story with a scene, a conversation, an event, etc. _____ Appeals to the sensespaints a picture of your story by describing smell, sight, taste, feel, and sound _____ Answers who, what, where, when, why and how, and discusses specifics to draw reader into the story more fully _____ Provides a slice of life and fleshes out details by describing people, places, and events _____ Uses strong verbs and allows your sentences to pivot on strong verbs instead of too many adjectivestip: highlight verbs that sound too plain _____ Uses dialogue where appropriate to bring scene to life _____ Punctuates dialogue correctly _____ Voice comes through to show personality in word choice, selection of topics, and descriptions _____ Builds characters thoroughly by showing mannerisms, physical features, etc. _____ Connects ideas clearly and logically for a fluent paper _____ Is clear in phrasing and ideas to communicate message of story _____ Message of story is apparent _____ Conclusion of story is effective in wrapping up ideas and images throughout _____ Spelling and grammar correct _____ Reflection is effective in showing what you have learned