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Published by: kayrenab on Dec 09, 2012
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Dear Avonleah, Adelaide, and Abigail, Well, Well, Well. . .three of my very favorite children.

First off I have to tell you that I think you all are very special. I know that you are filled with love for each other, your parents, and most importantly, you are filled with love in your hearts for Jesus and Heavenly Father. I am also filled with love for them, so that makes us all especially special. I had to let you know something important. You know that whole naught and nice list that you hear everyone talking about? Well . . .truth is, that's not entirely true. I do have a naughty and nice list, but because I know about Jesus, I also know a lot about his mercy and sometimes getting what we don't deserve. I know you know all about that! Like when you make the wrong choice and you choose to repent and Jesus forgives you and loves you still! And sometimes I know that even your parents give you this same grace . . .like when you deserve to have a consequence for a bad choice but instead they give you another chance. I know kids are not perfect. I know that you girls are not perfect. But I also know that Jesus loves you all the time no matter what, and so do I! So you don't need to worry about being on my naughty and nice list. If you BELIEVE that I will come to your house on Christmas Eve and leave you some special surprises, then I will come! That's all you need . . .to BELIEVE! To help you remember about Jesus and Heavenly Father's unconditional love and about getting love even when you don't deserve it, I wanted to send you a very special treat for this Christmas season. Since it is the first day of December, the month that we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, I thought you might enjoy a little visit from a very special friend of mine. This is Christopher Pop-in-Kins . . He is a dear friend of mine, but he tends to be very naughty. I have explained to him many many times about Jesus and His atonement, but he still chooses to sin and be a stinker. I have told him that this is why Jesus died for him, to rescue him and give him a second chance. He is beginning to learn, but I thought that if he stayed with you for the Christmas season, then you might be able to teach him some more about the way Jesus loves us even when we make wrong choices. I know you are all learning about just how much Heavenly FAther and Jesus love you and I love Christopher so much I want him to understand and believe too so he can make good choices. One important thing about Christopher . . he is an Elf, and elves are not exactly the same as humans. Christopher says still all during the day, but he comes alive at night. You can talk to him, play with him . . .kind of like Rescue and Nermal . . .they are not alive like you, but they can still hear you and play with you and love you. Christopher is quiet during the day, but loves to play at night once everyone is sleeping. That's usually when he can get into some trouble, so you'll have to watch him carefully! When I told Christopher that he was going to go and stay with you girls, he jumped up and down in excitement. He really thinks you girls are so much fun, and he especially loves the rain so make sure you let him watch the rain falling down the windows. Have fun! I'll be back to pick Christopher up on Christmas Even when I come to drop off some surprises for you! I love you girls so very much! SANTA and Avonleah and Adelaide . . .I don't think a real puppy or a real pony would work very well in your little apartment home, but I've got something else that I know you are going to love!!!

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