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called the premium. from one entity to another. in exchange for a premium.  Insurance rate is a factor used to determine the amount. Insurance is defined as the equitable transfer of the risk of a potential loss. to be charged for a certain amount of insurance coverage .

health. General Insurance is not meant to offer returns but is a protection against contingencies. Unlike Life Insurance. vehicle. burglary et al. stolen or damaged. fire. Almost everything that has a financial value in life and has a probability of getting lost. Under certain Acts of Parliament. General Insurance provides much-needed protection against unforeseen events such as accidents. . illness. cash. can be covered through General Insurance policy. Property (both movable and immovable). dishonesty and also one's liability towards others can be covered under general insurance policy. household goods. some types of insurance like Motor Insurance and Public Liability Insurance have been made compulsory.

With rise in standards of living. Travel Insurance Travel and tourism is one of the most fast growing sectors around the world. no motor vehicle is allowed to be driven on the road without valid insurance. Hence it is very important to stay healthy. . And one cannot predict a natural calamity like earthquake. Major insurance policies that are covered under General Insurance are: Home Insurance Every man has a dream to own a house one day. Motor Insurance Legally. it is obligatory to get the vehicle insured. Health Insurance It is said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. For an ordinary person it takes a whole lifetime of savings to build a house. Hence. These days life is very fast and stressful. more and more people are embarking on journeys and exploring new places.

5000 for natural death and of Rs.25000 on due to accidental death. Some of the well known Insurance Policy India are: Social Security Group Scheme – a scheme covering the age group of 18-60 years and an insurance of Rs. Shiksha Sahyog Yojana – a scheme providing an educational scholarship of Rs. Mediclaim Insurance Policy – a scheme covering the age group from 5-80 years with a tax benefit of up to Rs 10. 70 and for children it is Rs.5000 per annum. Jan Arogya Bima Policy – a scheme for the adults up to the age of 45 years is Rs.000. The limit coverage is fixed at Rs. 50.300 per quarter per child is given for a period of four years. .

000 and premium Rs. with a premium of Rs. 200 for single member. Raj Rajeshwari Mahila Kalyan Yojana – a scheme providing protection to woman in the age group of 10 to 75 years with an insurance of Rs.000 for accidental death. . 25.15 per annum.000 on natural death and Rs 50.• Jana Shree Bima Yojana – this is a coverage of Rs 2.15 per annum. Bhagya Shree Child Welfare Bima Yojana – a scheme covering one girl child in a family upto the age of 18 whose parents age does not exceed 60 years. Videsh Yatra Mitra Policy – a scheme covering medical expenses during the period of overseas travel. The premium amount is fixed at Rs.

000 for partial disability. .000 for accidental death and 25. Ashray Bima Yojana – a scheme covering workers in case of loss of jobs. Insurance coverage includes 50. Personal Accident Insurance Scheme for Kissan Credit Card – a scheme covering all the KCC holders up to an age of 70 years.

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