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Jobs Reseurch

Whut I Found Out: Where I Found It: Nume:
Steve gobs wus born in Sun Fruncisco http://www,dipity,com/
Amurpreet SiII
Steve Jobs met Steve Wozniuk, hffp://
ßrundon Mok
Steve gobs mude Ißook

Amurpreet SiII
Steve Jobs ßecume A Overnight
uhkids info bits
Ringo Teuhun
Steve Jobs sturted APPLE My knowIedge Drew
Steve gobs is in pi×ur http://www,dipity,com/
Steve gob's reuI nume is Steven puuI gobs My knowIedge Drew
Steve Jobs invented ipod¸ipud¸iphone

invented ipud und ipud Z, http://www,dipity,com/
Steve hud surgery, hffp:// Ringo
Steve Jobs invented
Iphone¸Ipod¸Ipud¸Imuc¸muc book
pro¸muc book uir,
ßrundon Mok
Steve Jobs died ut uge õó from
puncreutic cuncer, Appk
Ask the students to brainstorm
around the problem to try to
frame their research a little.
Pose questions they might want
to research.
Using google Drawing.
Read, listen, watch
different resources. Make
notes collaboratively
Using google Drawing,
also cite sources.
In a google doc table
summarise the key
findings in relation to
the original questions +
extra useful information
Talk to each other and
decide whether enough
useful information has
been found. (If not then
research some more).
Present findings using
Google sites. Add a
section to embed all the
other produced docs
and drawings.
Turn on commenting on
the Google site and make
a shortened URL to give
to other groups. Comment
on each others.
A collaborative workflow
for group research using
Google Apps.