Unit 9.5: Making Connections Topic: Short story, “Two Were Left Behind” by Hugh Caves Outline A. Setting: 1.

Ice Mountain B. Characters: 1. Noni 2. Nimuk 3. Pilot C. Summary of events: 1. It was the third night of hunger and Noni thought of the dog. 2. Noni had lost his food it was cold and he only had Nimuk, his husky. 3. Noni loved Nimuk but thought “One of us will soon be devouring the other” 4. With a strip of iron Noni made a knife. 5. He forced himself to call the dog “Here, Nimuk!... come here.” 6. Nimuk got closer and Noni saw fear and suffering in the dog’s eyes. 7. Noni cursed the knife, throw it far away, and stumbled towards the dog and fell. 8. Noni had left himself defenseless and scare with Nimuk’s circled movements around him. 9. Noni shut his eyes, wishing the attack to be swift as he felt the dog against his leg. 10. He felt Nimuk’s breath in his neck and then felt the dog’s tongue licking his face. 11. Noni opened his eyes and put his head against Nimuk’s. 12. A plane came and the pilot saw the shape of a human in the ice mountain. 13. The pilot landed on the water and found an unconscious boy and a dog. D. Group questions: GROUP 1 What is the theme of the story? Explain using an event. GROUP 2 Analyze the plot and discuss it in group giving opinions. GROUP 3 What is the problem Noni faces and how he overcomes it? Analyze the situation. GROUP 4 Make predictions and inferences on what may have happened if Noni had attacked Nimuk or what would had happened to them if the rescue would have take longer?

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