Creative Conversation 2: Marketing Charlottesville as a Creative Community I. Arrivals, Lunch, and Informal Networking (12:00 – 12:15) II.

Welcome Remarks (12:15 – 12:20) Introduction to PCA, including the organization’s marketing initiatives and goals for the Creative Conversations series. An overview of the conversation agenda is provided. III. Participant Introductions (12:20 – 12:30) Participant introductions, including names and organizational/community affiliations. (1 minute or less per participant.) IV. Group Discussion of Marketing Charlottesville as a Creative Community (12:30 – 1:00) Roundtable discussion of marketing Charlottesville as a Creative Community, with guiding questions provided by PCA. Group notes taken, and key issues/questions will be identified throughout discussion. V. Break-out Group Analyses (1:00 – 1:20) Break-out groups delve deeper into key issues/questions raised in roundtable discussion. Each group selects a note taker to record small group idea exploration. VI. Presentations and Responses to Group Analyses (1:20 – 1:40) Break-out group presentations to share thought processes. Other participants provide feedback, raise additional questions, and make connections with other issues. (6 minutes or less per group.) PCA takes synthesis notes to outline overarching themes and recurring questions. VII. Synthesis and Summarization of Conversation (1:40 – 1:50) Identify most important and useful topics of the conversation – for PCA, for the network of Creative Conversation participants, and for the community at large. PCA offers options for additional gatherings and collaboration.

VIII. Closing Remarks & Program Evaluation (1:50 – 2:00)

Piedmont Council of the Arts sincerely thanks Creative Conversation supporters: PCA Members, Harvest Moon Catering, City of Charlottesville, and Charlottesville Podcasting Network.

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