Mr. Owen M. Panner, Senior U.S. District Court Judge, current Trustee at Lewis and Clark College, Corporate Headquarters, 0615 S.W. Palatine Hill Road, Portland, Oregon 97219-7899, United States; Phone: 503-768-7000, FAX: 503-768-7055 Corporate Headquarters ~ an educational institution, offers bachelor degree courses in history, biochemistry, mathematics, anthropology, psychology, computer science, physical education, and foreign languages. Its schools include School of Law and Graduate School of Education. Lewis and Clark College is based in Portland, Oregon. It has endowment assets of $166.7 million. Founded in 1867; FAX: 703-684-3607, Owen M. Panner Inn Of Court, c/o President Hon. Marilyn E. Litzenberger, Esq., Multnomah County Courthouse, 1021 SW 4th Ave, Portland OR 97204, Oregon Law Institute, (OLI President), Multnomah County Courthouse FAX 503-276-0979, TO: Matt Eisenbrandt, ET AL, c/o CONSTITUTIONAL LAW CENTER, J.D. from the Univ Virginia School of Law in 2001, B.A. degrees in Latin American Studies and History from the Univ Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1997; 666 Broadway; 7th Floor, New York, NY 10012; T 212-614-6464 FAX 212-614-6499 TO: The Honorable Jaime Herrera Beutler, United States House of Representatives, 1130 Longworth House Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20515-4703; T 202-225-3536; FAX: 202-225-3478; FAX: 360-695-6197; Howard House on Officer's Row, Suite B, 750 Anderson Street, Van WA 98661; V 360-695-6292 RE: Roberta Kelly, c/o 105 NE 61 #105, Portland, Oregon 97213, and 200 Coyote Lane, Castle Rock, Washington 98611; Dear Honorable Owen M. Panner, J.D., Trustee, and Honorable Marilyn E. Litzenberger, J.D., President, Matt Eisenbrandt, J.D., Honorable Jaime Herrera Beutler ET AL: This is a DEMAND for settlement. I pled Bivens v. Six Unknown Fed. Narcotics Agents - 403 U.S. 388 (1971).1 I have pled in the courts, as Hon. Panner is well aware and in the event this must be filed in court again, then I demand my day in court with a full twelve (12) person jury trial as promised in our U.S. Constitution. I am requesting an endorsement from the Constitutional Law Center for my honored right to due process rule of law. The “attorneys” who have pledged in oath to the U.S. Constitution to be therefore, due process rule of law and no color over law. I have been led to believe this is His Honorable

1 - Panner, Litzenberger, Eisenbrandt, Beutler, ET AL

Owen M. Panner and an Article III Court. Unfortunately, my experience has been the adoption of Americans in a small majority wielding power as though it is the large majority, mirroring the belief system of the belligerent states, United Kingdom - Israel. Jay S. Bybee is a judge on the Ninth Circuit. Bybee sat on the Supreme Court in the state of Israel for the purpose of producing the torture memos, that supposedly legitimized the Bush Terror War. U.S. of A. joined the apartheid state Israel, in its practices of the Old Testament belief system.2 America has regressed, and not progressed in civilized. Modern has been a well programmed script sold as a Hollywood reality. The reality is America is not other than “Ghetto Hell” which pays very well to those that participate with Goldman Sachs as the money management: with any luck at all the Judicial [not to be confused with Imperial Judicial] discovered there is actually only one agenda and it is to cull the herd globally. The global herd are fatted calves all, as the most current fraud, Agenda 21, Green to obviously enrich the same families3 that have been at this for centuries.4 Club of Rome, Agenda 21, Green / Terror War, name a word army the foundations do not use to do what they do.5 Religion does not trump the United States Constitution. This was intentional genius. A most perfect example of why the Framers of the U.S. Constitution chose to exercise good law in protecting the individual freedom to choose ~WORKING FOR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, a CBS Interfaith Special, will be broadcast tonight, Dec. 9 on the CBS Television Network. The U.S. Constitution guarantees all citizens equal rights regardless of religion. But what does religious freedom mean in the most religiously diverse country in the

See Gilad Atzmon The Wandering Who. The Payoff: Why Wall Street Always Wins [Jeff Connaughton] Get to Know The Blob.


former US Assistant Secretary of Defense Chas Freeman: I want to talk about the wording of the operation Pillar of Cloud, obviously referring to the Bible. Back in the Bible, it was the pillar of cloud that let the Israelis out of Egypt and saved them from the Pharaoh. How much does the Torah narrative dominate the mindset of the Israeli war planners?

Foundations effectively “blur boundaries” between the public and private sectors, while simultaneously effecting the separation of such areas in the study of social sciences. This boundary erosion between public and private spheres “adds feudal elements to our purported democracy, yet it has not been resisted, protested, or even noted much by political elites or social scientists.”[12] Zbigniew Brzezinski, foreign policy strategist, former director of the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg member and co-founder with David Rockefeller of the Trilateral Commission, wrote that the blurring of boundaries “serves United States world dominance” f-globalization/25302 2 - Panner, Litzenberger, Eisenbrandt, Beutler, ET AL

world? This program explores this matter, particularly among our religious minorities. While the government remains neutral in matters of religion, some fringe groups create fear of “the other” through hate speech and even violence. To counter this, watchdog organizations and religious scholars work to protect this freedom for religious minorities.6 Tyrants throughout history in order to control, have used whatever can be programmed into the people who are simply living life in the idea of a natural gift from an unknown mystery. Religion has been a misused energy of control for eons. Whatever can be sold to the masses via the information power does indeed program. Commercials on television are a perfect example and the sales of formulas that can produce a medical cure or miracle prove how susceptible the brain is to be manipulated. As religion or a religious faction did not and does not belong in our Constitution ~also a perfect example of violating the individual freedom is Obamacare, Supreme Court concluded. Information and education are the keys. The reason I have chosen the date of December 12, 2012, as a time to be contacted regarding this matter, is because the time table being abused by the news [December 21, 2012, also works]: “... Chile Pixtun, a Guatemalan, says the doomsday theories spring from Western, not Mayan ideas ... .. And if you don’t believe what the current Mayan leaders say, please remember that archaeologists recently found a cache of ancient Mayan calendars which goes thousands of years past 2012. And see this ... .. Note: The Mayan elders do make prophetic warnings, but it has nothing to do with 2012. Specifically, they warn that we need to rein in war or pollution or we will destroy ourselves ... .. Given that numerous end of the world prophecies have come and gone without incident, and that the Pope has declared that – due to a miscalculation – we are currently in AD 2016, not 2012 – it is smart to take all date-specific predictions with a spoonful of cynicism.”7

6 al-Today-20121208
7 3 - Panner, Litzenberger, Eisenbrandt, Beutler, ET AL

We The People can’t stand any further Hillary Clinton8 and no less than twenty (20) years of an imagination that has birthed a belief system in the U.S. that is anything but U.S. Constitutional, and this/these agendas are killing US ALL ~globally! Ms. Hillary9 does not appear in the aughts to grok10 how to be a U.S. Constitutionalist. On the other hand Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler meets with the citizens of the United States and discusses the problems we face as a WHOLE nation and therefore, her generation and not the Geithner BLOB generation need to lead our future going forward. This can be, my belief system which is of course born from our imagination, that the
8 n/5314725 ~~So, there is a clear impression that when Ms. Hillary speaks of “re-Sovietization,” she barely notices the real goals formulated by Russian politicians, but rather suspects that Russia in its policy regarding its neighbors is following a pattern with which she, as the head of American diplomacy, is well acquainted ... Hence, her claims that Russia is following an expansionist policy, and hence her desire to see the retreat “of so many of the hoped-for indicators of progress” she saw 20 years ago.


To grok is to intimately and completely share the same reality or line of thinking with another physical or conceptual entity. Author Robert A. Heinlein coined the term in his best-selling 1961 book Stranger in a Strange Land. In Heinlein's view, grokking is the intermingling of intelligence that necessarily affects both the observer and the observed. From the novel: Grok means to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed—to merge, blend, intermarry, lose identity in group experience. It means almost everything that we mean by religion, philosophy, and science—and it means as little to us (because of our Earthling assumptions) as color means to a blind man. 4 - Panner, Litzenberger, Eisenbrandt, Beutler, ET AL

CONSTITUTIONAL LAW CENTERS are in every state, municipal, city and construct education to teach our Bill of Rights.’ Congresswoman Beutler11 has demonstrated the impartiality in the U.S. Constitution and her focus is in the U.S., for a vital opposing stand against the globalists’ agendas. In this time Ian O. Wilson has been convicted of a crime that is a failure in our society. The PREAMBLE has been vitiated and this is the Imperial Judicial’s choice because the “Ghetto Hell Society” provides: “live high on the hog, fat cats,” an ESQ as of the olden days “British Accredited Registry.” Thus, the B.A.R. must undergo a thorough audit and expose one hundred percent [100%] in transparency, the “retirements” for the ENTIRE Judicial, ET AL, at the B.A.R.s, Et Cetera. Ian O. Wilson is currently ringing a bell for the Salvation Army to pay his DISP charges and his father was “Henry Moore of Portland, Oregon.” All our families’ wealth has been stolen via the “Terror War” and judges as well as licensed attorneys in the City of Portland and judges in the Federal across America enjoying sovereign immunity due to color of “law!?” In the racket intentionally for years and years, educated in law schools? AN executed belief system of pirates, robber barons and now with digital dust, super pirates. Owen M. Panner and Marilyn E. Litzenberger top educators in the U.S. lead. Our country is not well educated nor well informed about our Bill of Rights.’ EG, it is government’s job to secure our Preamble Contract, U.S. Constitution and employ We The People adequately. Here we are in the aught years and Digital Dust has been our “money,” for about no less than a century. People are not gainfully employed, people eat out of garbage bins. This is not just wrong it is criminally insane. When government is other than how her Honorable Jaime Herrera Beutler handles the people, then it is not representative of the people. Ms. Hillary is addicted to a belief system that does not win the hearts and minds in the aughts. TIMOTHY F. GEITHNER ET AL, THE BLOB ET AL, FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM [FED] ET AL, ARE NOT U.S. CONSTITUTIONAL ~


The most important part of my job is taking your voice to Congress. If you are a resident of Southwest Washington’s 3rd Congressional District, please let me know if you have questions, comments, concerns or ideas. If you do not live in Washington’s 3rd District, please click here to find the Member of Congress who represents you.

5 - Panner, Litzenberger, Eisenbrandt, Beutler, ET AL

Article I, Section IX, Clause VII, into the aughts and audit the FED, one Zillion? [Zionist] percent TRANSPARENCY. Fortunately Karl Rove was “benched” at Fox News, evidently the tantrum exposed the election rigging. Too bad the “Haaarvard LAWYER” isn’t also “benched” for FRAUD and therefore treason, to our U.S. Constitution. I reiterate the Judges [eg E.Jones Oregon] and their children’s “exceptions” that bring this point of individual freedom into focused intention. When the Judge’s [on a list to call] daughter has stolen a family automobile to drive to another state, and the police in the other state --the law considered a Felony Grand Auto Theft, but the Judge is telephoned --AND daughter is flown home with car returned via the Federal Social Credit digital “money,” then this is NOT equality for all the individual “children” in the U.S. Freelancing legal work at the Oregon State B.A.R., I can first hand testify the Judges are in a tight knit faction ~I was at Ancer L. Haggerty’s house more than once in the 1990s. The licensed lawyers, including every criminal that participated in the Housing Bubble, are licensed at the B.A.R. paying “dues.” What a travesty! The criminal creditors pay the criminal lawyers digital debt-credit EXCEPT what are the perks? Digital money since the 1800s and stealing the real labor of Americans more sophisticated, each cycle in the Fed’s [BLOB] fraudulent inducement - transference of wealth, and the B.A.R. as well the Public Retirement Systems “sharing human flesh trading” --great harvesting see U.S. of A. CONSTITUTIONAL LAW CENTERS COAST TO COAST The cost for enlightenment in the aughts is Digital Dust. Wherever there is need of employment [Ian O. Wilson, et al], then the equality is grokking in the aughts in honor of our U.S. Constitution: Constitutional Law Centers AND Healing Centers, too, for all the people who have been experimented on with unlimited poisons as “health.” As well, the toxic pollution of these practices can be a serious imbalance in our physical universe. Hon Panner, ET AL, RE: Drug Dealers and incarceration: ug-war “... Banks Are "Where the Money Is" In The Drug War, by Bill Conroy December 1, 2012, Big Lenders Face Few Hard Consequences for Violating Anti-Money Laundering Laws ~ Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Wachovia (acquired by Wells Fargo in 2009), HSBC Holdings, ING Bank, Standard Chartered, American Express Bank International, and not a few others, have a common bond beyond ranking among the largest banks in the world ... Yet not one these banks, nor any of their top executives, has been hit with criminal sanctions.
6 - Panner, Litzenberger, Eisenbrandt, Beutler, ET AL

..given the CIA’s broad mission as the primary foreign intelligence agency charged with protecting interests deemed vital to the U.S. They conclude that it is possible the CIA-connected cocaine jet, which crashed in Mexico in 2007, less than a year after Mexican President Felipe Calderon declared war on the “cartels,” was part of a CIA covert operation. UK-US-Israel are behaving in the aughts a perverse GOD of earth and this is not sane: “... Raising Money for Killers, by Stephen Lendman, Global Research, December 09, 2012, “... Imagine holding a fundraiser for murder, destruction and military occupation .. On December 6, Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces (FIDF) held their annual gala in Los Angeles. Guests annually include high-ranking Israeli military and government officials. Well-known Americans attend .. The event raises millions of dollars annually for Israeli militarism, belligerence, and cold-blooded murder. It’s shocking that anyone would contribute to what they should condemn. The people named herein are those that have been asked repeatedly to represent my family and me in this time of America’s chosen Unconstitutional GULAG worse than Stalin’s AND via the Imperial Judiciary ~else it could not have been possible. Our U.S. Constitution is an ORGANIC contract and not G.M.O., thankfully. I look forward to settling this matter, post haste. Respectfully submitted December 8, 2012,

Roberta Kelly

7 - Panner, Litzenberger, Eisenbrandt, Beutler, ET AL

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