Tyler Thorne WRT216 Spring Arbor Professor Uncovers T-Rex The sounds of construction on the new student center

are not the only sounds of work on Spring Arbor University’s campus. Dr. Paul Patton was asked to join an expedition lead by Dr. Columbus of the Chicago School of Paleontology. The expedition searched within the field by the track on campus. They spent two weeks working day and night to uncover the ancient remains. The whole expedition took about two weeks, the first week was mostly digging and the second week was cleaning the bones of the T-Rex. It is the biggest T-Rex ever discovered; measuring 17 feet from the hips and weighing 8 tons. This discovery will be talked about for years; many paleontologists will be amazed at this great discovery. “Its amazing to see the remains of such a large animal, it is truly a work of God.” Exclaimed a very excited Dr. Patton. He was glad to be a part of such a great expedition, every day he showed joy and was very cheerful to be amongst God’s creation. Many of the workers were touched by him as well and said he was always complimenting what they were doing. He also talked to them about many thought-provoking topics such as what is the state of your soul. They said that he really brightened their spirits while they worked and that he was a great addition to the crew. The work was also much louder than most of the students were used to. It was midterm week on the University so most students were studying for their test. Some of the students have even complained about the noise. Tyler Thorne, a student at Spring Arbor University said, “The workers kept me up all night, I did not get much sleep while they were here.” Because of this discovery was on the University’s property they have the rights to what happens to the bones. As of right now they are currently in talks to be sold to the Dinosaur Museum in Jackson Michigan. It will go for about 2 million dollars. Most of this money will go to helping students with scholarships and also the University’s Cross Cultural trips. This discovery is something that is very beneficial to the Spring Arbor community. “This event is something that I could blog about, I would have an opportunity that many other bloggers do not.” Said Dr. Metts. It will help pay for many things the University needs as well as bring more people into the Jackson area to see the biggest T-Rex ever discovered. It will help Spring Arbor get its name out there so it will no

longer be a city that no one knows about. Now it will be known for having the worlds largest T-Rex ever discovered. These remains will help paleontologists understand even more about the magnificent creatures and what they were like. Now that all the work is done there have been talks about the University adding an area of paleontology into its offered courses. This discovery has really created a whole new set of opportunities for much of the community of Spring Arbor.