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Published by: JeffreySalvati on Dec 10, 2012
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Maturity Benchmarks Survey Sheet

School Pseudonym: Discovered Lake Your Name or Group Name: Jeff Salvati Clearly mark the box that best represents the level of maturity achieved at your school site. Please refer to the Model Benchmark Rubric for detailed descriptions of the categories. behavioral Policy resource/infrastructure behavioral Planning resource/infrastructure ADMINISTRATIVE behavioral Budget resource/infrastructure behavioral Administrative Information resource/infrastructure behavioral Electronic Information resource/infrastructure behavioral Assessment resource/infrastructure behavioral CURRICULAR Curriculular Integration resource/infrastructure behavioral Teacher Use resource/infrastructure behavioral Student Use resource/infrastructure behavioral Stakeholder Involvemnt resource/infrastructure behavioral Administrative Support resource/infrastructure SUPPORT behavioral Training resource/infrastructure behavioral Technical/Infrastructure Support resource/infrastructure behavioral Local Area Networking (LAN) resource/infrastructure behavioral District Area Networking (WAN) resource/infrastructure CONNECTIVITY behavioral Internet Access resource/infrastructure behavioral Communication Systems resource/infrastructure New Technologies INNOVATION Comprehensive Technologies behavioral resource/infrastructure behavioral resource/infrastructure

vey Sheet

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