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Indefinite Pronouns 1

Indefinite Pronouns 1


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Published by: Malvarosa on Feb 04, 2009
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Look at the Picture and fill in “someone”, “no one” or anyone

1- There is_no one____on the roof of the house.
2- There is____________at the door.
3- There isn´t____________near the dog
4- There is_______________on the swing
5- There is_______________behind the tree
6- There is ______________at the window
7- There isn´t ______________behind the house
8- There isn´t _______________with Daisy
- there is______________in the house
Fill in the blanks with “someone”, “anyone”, “somewhere”,
“anywhere” or “nothing”
Do you !now _____________beautifu" to go on ho"iday# $ want to go
_____________ hot where $ %an do ______________a"" day but "ie on
the bea%h. $ !now______________in &'ain and he says there isn´t
_________________better. (e !nows a "ot of %ountries be%ause he
Tra)e"s e)erywhere for his *ob. $ want to go to +ree%e but $ don´t !now
______________there. _________________,ust !now a good '"a%e to
go to-.
Look at the picture and fill in “something”, “anything” or “nothing”
1-There isn´t_______________on
the tab"e.
2- There is______________under
the tab"e
3- There is______________on the
4- There is______________on the
5- There is ______________on
the f"oor. $t´s a dog
6- There isn´t ____________on
the to' %u'boards
Fill in the blanks with an in definite pronoun
1- $ %an´t find ,y wa""et________________
2- $n ,y town there is a"ways________________to 'ar!
3- There isn´t _______________we %an do now
4- $ want to buy _______________for ,y ,other. it´s her birthday
5- ________________"i)es here. there isn´t any water
6- &he doesn´t !now_______________here
7- _______________is ringing the be"". go and see
8- $s there________________at ho,e#
- There is________________in the house at the ,o,ent
1/- (a)e you got________________to say#
11- &he went_____________"ast night be%ause she was i""
12- There is________________in that roo,
13- Don´t te""____________________
14- &he needs _______________to "o)e. she´s )ery "one"y

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