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Written By Mir Fat e h Ali Shah Translation By Malik Sad am Language e ng lish Catagory R amd han

How to see Prophet Muhammad PBUH in The Dream

In this Ho ly mo nth o f Ramadan, o n o ne side shaitan is impriso ned and o n o ther side the sho wer o f blessings fro m ALLAH co ntinuo usly fall upo n us. In fact in o ur usual life we have to fight against shaitan by o ffering two rak�at prayers but in ho ly days o f Ramadan, little struggle is eno ugh to stand who le night in the prayers. So why do we no t keep o urselves ready to accumulate blessings o f this Ho ly mo nth o f Ramadan. To day we are go ing to start the preparatio n fo r an achievement which must be the wish o f every Muslim and why no t, is this po ssible that so me o ne to who m yo u lo ve and yo u do n�t want to see him. Just think abo ut the state o f that perso n, who lo st his father in his early childho o d and unluckily his relatives did no t have any picture o f him, and he wants to see his father. But after a lo ng perio d o f time he has kno wn a perso n who has father�s picture. So do n�t yo u think that he will try to see till the end o f last ho pe?

No w imagine that perso nality who lo ves us mo re than o ur parents, who se lo ve is justified by Ho ly Quran itself and he is impo rtant to every Muslim than his parents, co lleagues and his life, so ho w it is po ssible that a Muslim do esn�t wish to see him. If yo u are ready and enthusiastic to see Muhammad S.A.W then fo llo w the way, as yo u kno w in the mo nth o f Ho ly Ramadan the who le day yo u remain in fast, and yo u prevent yo urself fro m evils and in night yo u stand lo ng fo r praying called (Traveeh), while blessings fro m Allah fall co ntinuo usly upo n yo u and sins remain away fro m yo u. So when yo u will be free fro m all go o d activities then make a fresh ablutio n, make sure yo ur clo thes and bed must be cleaned and turn yo u face to wards Ka�aba No w start reciting a Tasbih 313 times, which is as under;

‫َ ﻣﺎ‬ َ

ََ ّ ٍّ َ ُ ٍّ َ ُ ‫اَﻟﻠّﮭم ﺻﻠِﻲ ﻋﻠﻲ ﺳﯾدَﻧﺎ وﻣوﻻَﻧﺎ ﻣﺣﻣد و ﻋﻠﻲ آل ﺳﯾدَﻧﺎ وﻣوﻻَﻧﺎ ﻣﺣﻣد‬ َ َ َِِ ِ َ َ َِِ َ َ ُ ٌَ َ َ َ ‫ُ َ ﱡ‬ ‫ﺗﺣب وَﺗرﺿﻲ ﻟﮫ‬

After all this, no w very co urteo usly request ALLAH to get visio n o f Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W and then at yo ur bed witho ut talking to anyo ne take rest acco rding to Sunnah. INSHA ALLAH if this wealth is written in yo ur fate, then in this Ramadan yo u will see Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W. But do n�t fo rget to keep yo urself away fro m hurting anybo dy physically o r mentally, serve yo ur parents ALLAH will make yo u to see Ho ly Pro phet S.A.W Amen and do n�t fo rget us in yo ur prayers. No te: Please be advised that abo ve mentio ned way is the o ne way to achieve yo ur go al. Yo u may cho o se o ther ways to get visio n o f Ho ly Pro phet S.A.W instructed by religio us scho lars. May Go d bless yo u Amen

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