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Decembe 7, 2012 er ngress, Dear Member of Con height of fisc irrespons cal sibility to inc clude a five-year reautho orization of a agricultural It is the h programs as part of a deficit redu s uction packa to avert t so called fiscal cliff. History show age the ws that like u used car dea alers, Congre low balls the price ta to get a Fa Bill off the lot. So th ess s ag arm hat speculati $35 billio in savings coming fro the nearly $1 trillion Farm Bill u ive on s om y under considera ation is likel a budgetar mirage that is really d ly ry deficit spend ding.

  2002 Farm m Bill  2008 Farm m Bill  2012 Farm m Bill   

CB BO Score  $4 451 billion  $6 604 billion  $9 958‐970 billio on 

Ac ctual Cost  $5 588 billion  $9 913 billion  $? ?? trillion 

As you can see the Congressiona Budget Of C al ffice isn’t ex xactly the Far rmer’s Alma anac when it t comes to predicting the cost of F o t Farm Bills. A After the dust settles, the last two Far Bills will t rm l have exceeded their CBO score b more than $400 billio There is n reason to believe this C by n on. no s dismal tr rack record will be impro w oved. Despite t fact that the policies in this bill w expire at the end of F the t will t FY2017, mo than half of ore f the CBO projected sa avings will o occur in the f years af expiratio when ano five fter on, other Farm B Bill will be la of the lan aw nd.

The full House hasn’t even considered a Farm Bill. Amendments will not be allowed. Only in Washington can a more than 500 page, $1 trillion bill be called deficit reduction and slapped onto legislation to deal with the real budgetary challenges of sequestration and tax hikes. Budget gimmicks and back room legislating is part of what got the country into this fiscal mess. Taxpayers deserve a simple and transparent solution to the fiscal cliff, not a bloated, over priced Farm Bill that writes a blank check from the Treasury to a sector experiencing its two most profitable years in a generation. For more information please contact Joshua Sewell, Taxpayers for Common Sense at 202-546-8500 x116 or josh@taxpayer.net.

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