Name: Vivek.S.Nair Title: Dentogenic Concept: Its Practical Application in Fabrication of Prosthesis.

ABSTRACT: Dentogenic Concept: Its Practical Application in Fabrication of Prosthesis. Dentogenics is the art, practice, and technique of creating the illusion of natural teeth in an artificial denture and is based on the elementary factors of sex, personality, and age of the patient. In this table clinic, I would like to present six dentures fabricated by us, which demonstrates how application of dentogenics can enhance the naturalness of appearance in the individual for whom it is made. The dentures fabricated demonstrate the difference in each of it made by simple variations in the use of tooth molds specially sculpted for males and females, teeth arrangement corresponding to the gender, age and personality and sculpting the denture matrix in a more natural contour. These simple variations can help restore not only the missing teeth but also the dignity and individuality of the patient wearing it. The application of this concept ranges right from complete dentures, partial dentures to an implant supported denture and plays a very significant role in the fabrication of a single complete denture. This is an ideal option for patients who do not want the typical conventional denture appearance, rather prefer a denture resembling their earlier profile or one matching their age, gender and personality. The dentogenics concept is an ESTHETIC PHILOSOPHY, when applied, provides a more natural, harmonious prosthesis, which not only is desired by the patient but also is the quality of care they deserve.

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